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Why not Farsi/Persian?

Hello guys... From now on I am gonna actively share this discussion and I want you to help me make Duoling notice how beloved "Farsi" is to us. Now that @Duolingo team has added the Arabic Course to its collection, and considering the fact that these two languages share the same "Alphabet", we expect duolingo to acknowledge the "Farsi" Speakers and "Farsi" lovers around the world.

July 16, 2019



It is a beautiful language both to hear and learn. I completed A1 Farsi in a weekend course but then I moved to Poland then I moved to Spain, I couldn't have a chance to go further and I am hopelessly waiting for Farsi here.


I would love a Farsi language too especially since I started learning Arabic as soon as it came out.


If Farsi came out, I would definitely do it. It's one the languages in my wish-list.

Too bad that I can't contribute. I don't any. :(


You can't contribute but you can upvote the language so it can be chosen to have an incubator. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194

find Farsi in the list and vote for it! >


+1 more for Farsi.


Farsi is easier for English speakers than Arabic. There are no long and short vowels as much as I know, it is an Indo-European language, it's very beautiful in sound and you can find many similarities with other IE languages, Turkish which has a lot of Persian words, Arabic and Urdu.

What seems to be difficult is the alphabet, as it is a modified Arabic one.

I guess many learners would like to learn this language to decipher a culture of Central Asia. There's great poetry written I this language


Absolutely! I know Firdovsi and Saadi Shirazi who wrote amazing poems and prose. I have read one of Saadi's popular books in my native language, and I was really impressed when I finished the book. Fyi, its name is Gulistan.


I am very happy to read your positive reply. please continue supporting these kinds of topics so that we could reach out to more people keen to learn Farsi. And also if you haven't please go to the link below and upvote "Persian" to be added in the courses:



I would like the Farsi course to be added because Iran is our neighbor; so I'd like to be able to introduce myself and talk about familiar topics with people from Iran.

PS. I am from Azerbaijan.


Yashasin Azerbaijan Buddy! Lots of love. Please go to the link below and upvote the language "Persian" to be added in Duolingo:



Totally agree. I also started the Arabic course to learn the letters and later switch to Farsi


Is Duo lazy? If people are volunteering to create language courses they should allow them. Farsi would be really cool, I didn't know it was indo-european instead of semetic. And I think Persia is cool.


Agreed! I am loving the Arabic course. Would appreciate it if they could start Farsi so when I finally have some skill with the alphabet, it is ready to go. (Remember people, this IS NOT a zero sum game.... just because a language is requested doesn't mean there isn't room for others... there doesn't have to be a Loser.)


Curiously, some courses from English pop up in the incubator before any volunteers are listed for them (Scottish Gaelic being the latest as of this writing). So, to paraphrase a saying, if you build a space they will come ...

In any case, for what it counts, I'd say that any prospective Persian course for English speakers should acknowledge Farsi as but the main dialect, Tajik and Dari being the major others.


YOURE PINNING THE RIGHT POINT. Duolingo has created the "High Valyrian" course that only can be useful for John Snow. Yet there is no sign of their plan for any Persian Based Languages. There are a lot of Farsi Speakers around the world and there is well-created material to read and enjoy in this language. I hope you come and vote for FARSI to be added to the Incubator: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


جان اسنو رو خوب اومدی خداییش


I think you shouldn't have posted this under Arabic. Not all Arabic learners are interested in Persian and not all Persian lovers are learning Arabic here.


I did it because Farsi language shares the same alphabet with arabic. And It's the trend of duolingo right now. So far I have found some guys upvoting the language and applying for the contribution

[deactivated user]

    It feels good again to see someone has asked Persian to be added, I have seen so many requests regarding to Persian language to be added and so many people ask to contribute to the course, what they keep repeating is it is Less in demand for education or employment in marketable regions. (probably High valryan or Klingon is.).!!


    I have many friends from Iran! So I absolutly want to see Farsi on Duolingo!


    I am eagerly waiting for Farsi to be made available on Duolingo, like so many others....Duolingo team......please ....!!!! :)


    Same here. We should create and share more topics so that Duo chooses Farsi.


    I agree that it would be awesome to have Farsi, but creating topics like that is considered spam, and is not how you get a course going. People who are willing and able to make a course must volunteer for it.


    Yep. We don't need people wishing for Farsi, we need the people that will contribute to it.


    gimme an empty incubator, ill create it!


    How's it going so far?


    its a spam if one person do it more than usual ... but youre right...and I think ultimately 3 or 4 contributors would be enough to run the incubator!


    Sure, you're exactly right... I am a contributor myself and I am patiently waiting for Duolingo to make the incubator


    Great, I really hope a Farsi course will make it to the incubator. Do you have any contact with other potential contributors?

    Do you have any word from Duo staff on whether a course will be made? (You are not going to get that here).


    I did apply for the incubator and I am trying to reach out to people to go and upvote "Persian": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194 you can do it too my friend

    [deactivated user]

      All languages are there but Persian.


      I have the connections and I announced it 2 years ago but they seem to be following the politics.


      دادا برو به این لینکی که پایین گذاشتم و به فارسی رای بده: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/14754529


      کجای این صفحه میشه رای داد کاکو؟ من که جایی برای رای دادن ندیدم


      هیچ پیشرفتی رخ داد تا الان؟


      The courses are created in conjunction with speakers of the origin and target languages. If you want to start a Farsi from English course, please get started!


      Given current events and our crazy world, I'm afraid complicated, multi-sided politics might be standing in the way (yes, even over to DL).


      this would be great and they would do a better job since this is an Indo-european language after all


      Of course ... there are a lot of things making this language easy to learn. first of all there is no Gender distinction in the sentences at all. Not gender sentences at all.


      The duolingo team doesn't create language courses, people volunteer to create language courses in the duolingo incubator (incubator.duolingo.com)

      Edit: The duolingo team decides if the language course will be created-or-not.


      but not volunteers decide whether the course will be here


      Moreover, the Scottish Gaelic course in the incubator still does not have any contributors as of this writing. Go figure ...


      I may be wrong, but isn't the Scottish Gaelic language currently in a state close to that of the Navajo language mentioned here?


      Yes, they are languages with relatively few speakers (but important to preserve and promote nevertheless). That they and other languages are put in the Incubator ahead of any contributors goes to show that for all the demand and volunteers stepping up, a Persian course would simply not be a priority on the inside.


      To be honest i didn't know that, thanks for telling me :)


      How about you? Do you think Farsi should be added to duo's courses?


      Dude, You can't just add a language... there should be enough volunteers to contribute the course and also there should be enough will in Duolingo to do so!


      I'm really excited to be learning Arabic through Duolingo at the moment, but my aim was actually to become familiar with the Arabic script so that I could learn Persian. Is there any word on a possible Persian course on Duolingo. Where do I go to put my vote to support this to happen. Cheers Joel


      How is your experience? Can you write?


      I really want this course. :(


      actually I just sent a request to duolingo to contribute that's how it works. As native Persians we should make a strong team and gather together to help Duolingo make the course


      Just out of curiosity, did you got any reply from Duolingo about this?


      نازی گل جان موافقم عزیزم ، منم درخواست دادم.


      I would LOVE to have a Persian course!


      This place really needs to teach Persian


      اگه فارسی هم داشت خیلی خوب میشد :)


      wow are persian or not? :)


      اره ایرانیا همه جا هستن(~ ̄▽ ̄)~


      :))))) چرا نباشن خدایی بنظرم خیلی باهوشن من الان توی ایونتهای آنلاین شرکت میکنم کسایی که 6-7 ماهه مثلا اسپانیایی میخونن اصلا لهجه خوبی ندارن ولی بچه های ما همون 1-2 ماهه اول راه میافتن. تازه با اینکه لهجه های ما اصلا ایرانیه و ربطی به زبونهای دیگه نداره.


      wow, i've got sooo excited to see how many people would like to learn my language <3 my cousins are German and they love to learn Persian because of our history and beautiful poems <3 i'm trying my best to contact the "DUO team" for starting the Persian course....with love from IRAN for everyone <3<3


      Apply to the incubator sogandjalilli, if you can spare some time to help create the course. I love Farsi. I studied the first few Pimsleur lessons and like the way it sounds. I got to meet Khaled Hosseini and he signed my copy of one of his books!

      You can also raise awareness and try to find other collaborators by posting threads on the topic every once in awhile. This one is from a year ago... time to start a fresh one!

      You commented on one of my comments so I read your bio, and I just want to say that we have many things in common.

      Best wishes, and happy learning!


      Yes can’t believe Farsi not been added yet


      I would like to see this language added. Blessings be


      Yes I vote for Farsi.


      I would love for there to be a Farsi course!


      Yes, I would love to study this language.


      I really want Farsi too!!! Why has no one started an incubation for it?


      It is time that Duolingo starts to introduce Farsi among the list of the languages. Farsi is a very important language and I strongly encourage the app devoppers to add this one to the current list. Please duolingo, add the language of Poetry among with the others! Love from a passionate Italian student who is deeply in love with the Persian world.


      Italian and Farsi/Persian, two of the world's most euphonic languages, of rich, exquisite cultural heritages, no less!

      To get a foot in the door for a Persian course, perhaps a critical mass of volunteers can enlist for an English course from Persian. That said, for a long time now, there still needs to be a reciprocal pairing of Thai for English speakers: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/th/status


      کوشا جان من هم درخواست درس فارسی رو کردم ولی هنوز هیچ جوابی از دوئو لینگو نیومده.... حتی تست هم دادم از انگلیسی به فارسی و فارسی به انگلیسی....من الان آلمانی به فارسی و فارسی به آلمانی هم میتونم هندل کنم ولی خبری از تیم دوئو نیست :( خوشحال میشم زبون قشنگمون رو هم دنیا یاد بگیرن


      منم دادم . سرکاری بوده فکر کنم:)


      مسخره فکر کردم خارجی هستی گفتم وای ببین خارجیا رفتن خودشون فارسی یاد گرفتن :))))))) نه بابا من پیگیری میکنم بالاخره باید درس فارسی رو هم بذارن.


      واو در این حد! افرین ب پشتکارت . تو میتونی


      My family is from iran and i still don't even know the whole language which is annoying.


      I'm using, the book, 'Persian (Farsi) Step by Step' by Fruzan Seifi. It has levels 1 & 2 in the same book, very colorful pages, Roman + Arabic script, as well as downloadable audio.

      My second choice is books by Reza Nazari; he goes through every page of the book on his YouTube channel.

      As far as apps [for children] I have 'Nabat Farsi' and 'Gorbeh: City'.


      Finally add Farsi, for God's sake!!

      Learn Arabic in just 5 minutes a day. For free.