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  5. "I decided to not go."

"I decided to not go."

Translation:Aku memutuskan untuk tidak pergi.

July 16, 2019



Would it still be correct without "untuk"?


Split infinitive (to not go). Should be (not to go)


Any rule for with/without "untuk" in sentence like this (verb + untuk + verb)


memutuskan ( base : putus ) 1) cut ,break off : “memutuskan hubungan diplomatik” = break off diplomatic relations 2) decide : “aku memutuskan untuk mencari banyak kesibukan = i decided to look for a lot of activity . My guess is , depending on whether the meaning is “break off “ or “decide “ one respectively does not use or does use “untuk” . Here “decide” is the correct choice so “untuk” is necessary. I started this course about 6 months ago so no guarantee about the quality of my guess . Apparently “memutuskan” can be either a transitive or an intransitive verb . Success !

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