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"خَلْف اَلْمَكْتَب كَلْب في سَيّارة."

Translation:There is a dog in a car behind the office.

July 16, 2019



Behind the office, there is a dog in a car. Was not accepted. I thought you look for literal translation.


Are there different ways of saying the dog is inside the car and on top of the car?

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Yep. a dog inside a car: كلب في سيارة - كلب داخل سيارة

a dog on top of a car: كلب فوق سيارة - كلب على سيارة

In regard of the last sentence, the word (فوق) [fawq] might note that the dog is above the car without a contact to the car that is. While the preposition (على) [3alá] is more likely that the dog is directly upon the car. I kept all sentences indefinite to make it general.


Why not "There is a dog behind the office in a car" ??

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