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"مَدينة لوس أَنْجِلِس قَريبة مِن اَلْجَبَل."

Translation:Los Angeles city is close to the mountains.

July 16, 2019



Okay period Los Angeles city is not English.


"The city of Los Angeles is close to the mountains." Not accepted 20 Oct 2020.


correct pronunciation: madiinatu



Shouldn't it be Al madina?

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Nope, because "Madinah" here is connected to (Los Angeles), in other words, there is a Genitive relation between the two. Unlike English where the definite article goes on "city" in such case, in Arabic the definite article would go to the second term in the Genitive relation. However, here we have a proper name of a city thus it is defined by itself and AL is not added.

Let's take another example, if I want to say (the city of angels). Close enough. Then in Arabic it would be (مدينة الملائكة) [madínat-ul-Mala'ikah], the definite article (AL) is merged onto the second term (Mala'ikah: angels). As for why AL is UL here, it's just how the vowel harmony works where the vowel (U) at the end of the first word is merged to the (AL) on the second word to make a non-stopping speech.


Why "Los Ángeles city is close to the mountains" is wrong?

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Maybe because you didn't start with the city of (I know they are the same but Duolingo here is not programmed that way). Or maybe because you used mountains while الجبل (the mountain) is singular. Just guessing.


The city of Los Angeles is close to the mountain <---- I wrote this and it said, another correct solution ...with mountainS.

Who designed this course :(((


"Mountains" is better English, even though it's not a literal translation of the Arabic.


"The los angeles city is close to the mountains." Can be true?

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I don't think they would use "THE" in English before city names (except for some specific cities like The Hague).


Sometimes i feel i am learning to type i hate typing its not fun

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