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  5. "هٰذِهِ الْعاصِمة جَميلة."

"هٰذِهِ الْعاصِمة جَميلة."

Translation:This capital is pretty.

July 16, 2019



This capital's pretty Should be accepted

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Maybe Duolingo considers the ('s) as a possessive article (i.e. Genitive) instead of an abbreviation for (is).


I'm proud at the fact that my country's capital is the world's 2nd most beautiful capital :)


Can someone explain what the difference is between:

  • اَلْعاصِمة
  • الْعاصِمة

They seem to both mean the capital so I don't quite understand the difference between using them?

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the first word here is orthographically wrong (Edit: not really), because (الـ) is not usually written with Fat7a on Alif (اَلـ) - this Alif is (Hamzat wassl) and somehow sounds like a schwa (specially when there is a word preceding the definite noun, its pronunciation almost disappear or shortened like schwa, hence it should not be written with Fat7a).


how do I make this dagger alif above هذه on my keyboard?

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As an Arab myself, I never saw this mark on my keyboard and I don't know how to type it. The only way I can do this is by copying the character from Duolingo itself or by using the Charmap program that comes with Windows. I don't know why they put it in this course; We don't write it and it is mostly used when reading Quran because Quran's orthography is a bit different than modern Arabic. Maybe as to guide non-Arabs that there is a long vowel here which is not written but still answering without it should be accepted, and this is not the case in Duolingo I believe.


On a mobile keyboard you press long on the dot to open a small menu where you find all the vowel markers, including the dagger alif.


The mac keyboard shortcut is opt + ا on the Arabic Keyboard


I wrote "The capital is beautiful." Is that not correct?

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THE capital is beautiful: العاصمة جميلة

The original Arabic sentence has the pointing article هذه (This/feminine).


shouldn't it be "this is a pretty capital", since there is no al before capital?

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But there is (AL) indeed

Your sentence would be: هذه عاصمة جميلة


From my understanding the dagger above al means is.

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Actually the dagger is above (H).
The dagger points to a hidden long vowel that must be spelled. Duolingo should not uses it though because we simply don't use it for daily writing.
Also, Arabic does not exactly use the verb (is) to connect sentences.


This is a pretty capital -- not accepted?? In English they are the same

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Not exactly. The logic differs even in English.
This is a pretty capital = هذه عاصمة جميلة
Notice how عاصمة got undefined (by removing AL at the beginning).

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