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Dark Mode for Lingots

There may be countless posts complaining about a lack of things to buy in the shop, and I'm not here to complain. Instead I have an idea: What if Duolingo had a Dark Mode option for purchase? Even though there are browser add-ons for making a Dark Mode, a dedicated one would be really nice and give us something to spend our Lingots on.

A Dark Mode swaps the color of text and background, for those who don't know. It makes it easier on the eyes, especially for night users. I am only explaining because it's apparently needed.

EDIT: For Firefox users, here are two great Dark Mode Add-ons that I use: Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode. I approve of their privacy, but if you are concerned about them, another option is the Mozilla recommended add-on Dark Reader, which is privacy focused. Any of the above work well, so try them out and see which you want to use. (I'm currently using all three, if you can believe that...)

July 16, 2019



I was about to suggest something similar. It's not only easier for night use, it also helps us who have sight impairment.


I think you are thinking on the good track. No complaints, just requesting. I up-voted you and totally agree. I anyway have tooo much lingots (2421) and AGREE!


Oh my gosh that's a lot XD

Thank you as well.


Yah... I've even seen someone with 20000! Not joking twenty thousand!


I have 203,752 lingots. Is the owl for sale?

[deactivated user]

    [deactivated user]




      sorry about the caps lock, I didn't know I had it on


      Do you want another


      The best way to not end up with too many lingots is to just give one away every time you look at comments on a sentence.


      I would but most of the comments are just 'That's not how we would say it in my dialect of English". I can't bring myself to reward that waste of my time. I do give lingots on the rare occasion that a comment helps me learn French.


      I only have 29 lingots. I use them to take tests.


      I think that not only dark mode would be a good idea to add, but themes in all colors available for purchase in the shop (pink, yellow, high contrast, monochromatic, blue, etc.) Also I think the outfits for Duo should be added to the browser version as they are currently only available for purchase in the Duolingo app. +1 Lingot


      They’re not in the iOS app either. And you get stupid amounts of lingots (actually “gems”) on there.


      I agree . Most apps I have are almost always on night or dark mode


      Dear Chaos:

      I like that you want to share your ideas and that you are doing so in a positive way. I am not a fan of people who can't do anything better than tear others down or complain without offering solutions. Kuddos for you trying. I have taken time to go through this thread and up vote where others have put negatives...my donation to you. I have also give you a few useless lingots just because I can't think of anything better to do with them. Keep making suggestions and don't give a twat over what negative people tell you. :)


      why get lingots involved?

      how much would you sell it for? 100 lingots, so it barely makes a dent in peoples lingot hoards.

      10000 lingots, makes a dent but makes it inaccessible to new users.

      They should just add it for free, not for lingots.


      You're right. Perhaps other themes could be sold for Lingots but the basic and dark themes should be free.


      I wish! I hate being on my laptop late at night doing Duolingo and the screen is just too bright. Even with the lowest brightness setting.


      For Firefox users, here are two great Dark Mode Add-ons that I use: Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode. Also would recommend Dark Reader


      I'll give all of my lingots to not have hurt eyes every time I study!


      Maybe these will help. For Firefox users, here are two great Dark Mode Add-ons that I use: Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode. I'd also recommend Dark Reader.


      Due to an illness that I must live with I deal with side effects of medicines. Most of my side effects are harmless like headaches. If a side effect was unreasonable I do put off study. In my personal case if I allow these things to halt or interfere with my life, I would not be able to really live.

      I use duo to enjoy life, and pursue my language interests! Dark mode would be amazing! I would save EVERY lingot for it!

      • NEVER put yourself at risk! - If you are feeling unwell to keep your health in mind when considering study! Missing a a few days or even a week is nothing over your well being!

      @Chaos_Hawk Do you have a recommendation for a safe dark mode option for chrome that would work for duo just in case? I am nervous about adding extensions. I still plan to still plan to keep waiting and see how things go.


      For Chrome users:
      Duolingo True Dark
      It used to support Firefox as well, but it is dropped for now:

      For Firefox and also for Chrome users:
      Duolingo Boost
      Chrome :
      Duolingo Boost
      This add-on offers not only night mode (dark),
      but also streak notifications/reminders,
      printing lesson notes,
      writing custom lesson notes and
      quick courses overview.

      An add-on that allows for dark mode on all websites, Duo included:
      Dark Reader
      Chrome :
      Dark Reader
      Safari :
      Dark Reader
      Because, "why limit yourself to a just one site add-on..."


      I have tried all of the aforementioned add-ons\extensions for their Firefox version.
      I assume that the Chrome versions are also safe
      (even though I have not tested them)
      because each is by the same person who wrote the equivalent Firefox version.

      If you prefer the two Add-ons recommended by @Chaos_Hawk
      Then here are their Chrome versions:
      Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode

      Hope your health improves or at the very least remain stable and allow you to keep living your life to the fullest.


      Thank you, @Gh0stwheel. I'm not that familiar with Chrome I'm afraid since I lean towards privacy browsing. That's cool that they have Chrome versions.

      Also nice formatting :)


      The both of you have been very helpful and it is very much appreciated!


      So cool! This also darks out the adds so that they are blank... Neat!


      I want to thank you for the time you took to give me this advice. I also want to tank you for adding what you had not been sure of when it came to things that had been safe. That is very helpful! I really appreciate you adding your thoughts as well!


      It shouldn't be for lingots, especially since the lack of a dark mode is in some cases honestly kind of an accessibility issue. I've got sensory issues which make using light websites hard sometimes -- I've been using the Dark Reader Firefox addon to combat that but not everyone is able to use an addon like that! And honestly that addon tends to sometimes work poorly for me, so I sometimes have to disable it.


      they better have a dark mode cause I never realized how much a standard white screen murdered my eyes until I turned dark mode on for youtube


      Let the hacking begin. They will give us Dark Mode!

      Just kidding!


      Same. Love my YouTube add-ons too much now <3


      I would love this, thank you for bringing it up. Duolingo is the most productive thing I can do all night as have trouble sleeping, would certainly help my eyes :)


      For Firefox users, here are two great Dark Mode Add-ons that I use: Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode. Also recently added Dark Reader as another option.


      That's a pretty good idea. Except, I think it should be free and in the settings.


      interesting idea


      really just themes in general would be a neat idea for lingot expenditure.


      Everyone up vote, comment and give lingots to this fine comment so Duolingo staff will notice!


      I'm glad enough that over a thousand people have seen this. I never expected this post to blow up like this, especially given it's start... Thank you very much for the kind words <3


      Yes that is a great idea I was at 100 lingots and I had already bought everything so I started buying random freeze streaks and gifting random people lingots, it's getting boring man.


      I think that this idea has been mentioned before, but it is a great idea nonetheless! Dark Mode would help the night users, but Duolingo is most likely going to add in this feature for the premium users. Another thing to note is that Duolingo has an achievement for learning in the early mornings, which is why I wholeheartedly agree with you. Honestly, this idea deserves more upvotes. I (insert number here) the notion! :)


      duolingo should put groups back but your group has to raise and donate to the group a set amount of lingots to remain an active group that would really work


      i agree. I too am a night user and a night mode would be something very useful for me to spend my earned lingots on.


      It would also help with anyone with dyslexia or others, making Duolingo more open to more people...


      dude i dont know why people are downvoting you (sorry, im conditioned for reddit) because all you are doing is sharing an idea. and its a good one. i like it. I SECOND THE NOTION.


      It's been suggested many times before so some people are tired of seeing it.


      Now that's a good point. Still, what does that mean though? That Duolingo is bad at taking in user feedback? Should I not post ideas on how this site could be improved just because the developers aren't listening and the users don't care to hear it?


      This is something I have actually put a bit of thought into. Should we stop talking about ideas because they haven't been received by the dev team or should we keep pressing it until they take notice? On one hand, as other said, it is probably a bit annoying to talk about the same thing over and over. On the other hand, if we back down so easily then our voices will never be heard. It kind of promotes a defeatist attitude. Which in case you haven't noticed, is insanely common around here.


      I've run into this problem before, although I've lost the post where I had the discussion on this topic. I get that this is a free language learning site but still, Duolingo has over 300 million active users, and it can be pushed to make it even better. That will only happen when/if they want it to though.

      Also have a useless Lingot :)


      I use mine to give to comments I like or ones that complain about lingots


      @ J.Compean I think your logic is flawed.

      How many people come and read the forum, and how many took the time to read, let alone upvote. vs total user ship is ridiculous. How many of the 300 million are active? More to the point, it is one thing to use the app, and entirely another to go to the forum, particularly to browse general comments and not exercise-specific Q&A? I would venture very few. Then of those that would visit the chance of them choosing to click on a suggestion...? I think 248 upvotes (especially given that some may have given -1 downvotes) is a fantastic indicator of an idea that deserves consideration.

      And yes, I well understand what you were getting at as far as resource allocation as a product management decision. That idea escapes many. I only take deference to your numerical comparison to state insignificance.

      It's a great idea / suggestion. I prefer most of my aps in dark mode, and finally it's becoming a widespread interest/option across a lot of apps and platforms.


      It is not free. It is Free-mium. The extra features are not worth paying the monthly fee, but I do it anyway because the for profit model sucks.


      AndySunshi, don't you do your job for profit? What's wrong with being paid for a service?


      "Duolingo has over 300 million active users" I think you just made the argument against yourself. Look at how many people have upvoted you original post (248 as of this comment). Can you image if 248 people walked into the legislative body of any country with a similarly sized population (say the United States - 325 million), and recommended that or this action? To devote resources (tax dollars) to deliver a service that is only requested by a statistically insignificant segment of the population would be ethically questionable. I'm not saying no one should write on these forums about their suggestions for Duolingo; I personally really like hearing everyone's ideas for changes and new features.


      You could make the same argument against wheel chair ramps - they're only required by a small fraction of the overall population, so why devote resources to them?

      That an accessibility feature isn't needed by a majority of people doesn't mean that it shouldn't be implemented.


      It's more that it should be a feature regardless of how many users there are, tbh. More and more, dark mode has been implemented into many sites, and while it's perhaps not quite standard yet, it would be a nice addition.

      Your point is a good one, and I like it. Still, even Duolingo's posts themselves only get so many upvotes as well, indicating only a small percentage of users even bother with the forums. So while the people who liked my idea are indeed an incredibly small amount of the total userbase, they're actually a decent amount of the active forum users. Most importantly though: This feature is no new request. It's been asked for again and again, with no implementation as of yet.

      The Duolingo Team hasn't really taken in many suggestions to my knowledge, and Dark Mode would be a great place to start.


      "It's been suggested many times before so some people are tired of seeing it."

      I'm sure that's true, but if that is the case, that kinda strengthens the argument for a Dark Mode, doesn't it? I mean, if people keep asking, then people still want.


      That is a stupid reason to downvote something.


      Then move on from the post...


      They're called downvotes here as well. Anyway, I'm all for creating a lingot sink of some kind but I think if they're gonna add a dark mode they should just add it lol. I feel as though putting it behind lingots is kinda pointless. Then again, they put Duo outfits in the store so maybe aesthetic changes would go in the shop.


      Thanks, I appreciate it. If I had to guess it may be because many users here only care about learning a language and nothing else. They may not care about the interface, the imbalance of this site's game mechanics, (I know it's not really a game but still) and people compare it to complaining anyway. What I think they want to hear is language advice, like grammar rules and examples as to when you'd use certain words.

      I cannot provide much help in that area here on the English side of posts, but I try. I go to the English for Japanese Speakers side of the forums to help out best I can, but ultimately I'm not a scholar, so I guess many would prefer I don't use the forums? I don't just post "ideas for Duolingo", but I don't know. Maybe I'm just not understanding it right, but if so people should explain what it is that's actually wrong with my posts. Those people I appreciate. Oh well. Have a Lingot anyway, since there's nothing to spend them on.


      I say do as you please if you're not harming anyone or anything.


      So... Would you say my post is harming or not? I would assume it's relative, because some people benefit from viewing it while others become annoyed. What do you think?


      If people are getting annoyed simply because they see a post they don't agree with, or a post asking a question they've seen before... My guess would be they just don't have anything better to do with their time than try to curate a forum they don't moderate.

      Idk, maybe it's a control thing "I hate my job, but at least I can make a difference on the Duolingo forums!"

      I think dark mode is a great idea!

      Though I think a basic dark mode should be free because not having it could present a barrier to entry for some people who only get to study with Duo at night while they try to go to sleep.

      Doulingo could also make other themes to spend our lingots on.


      There's an idea: What if we could buy the retro themes and new themes as well? That'd be something interesting...


      What would be rather good would be the opportunity to buy (with lingots) the 2011 graphics or the later graphics.

      [deactivated user]

        ❂ Am legally blind, but dark mode options are a help. Amazed at the support this option is getting!

        [deactivated user]

          Re: Jan139433 I have never seen these posts before. If you've been a regular on the forum for some time, then you will have seen repeat posts. Otherwise, they are new to other people.






          It means Have a great weekend!


          On principle alone, I really don't think accessibility features for a website should be sold rather than made a standard (despite how ridiculously prosperous everyone is in their in-game currency).

          Besides, making it saleable via Lingots, rather than just a universal feature, would make more work for Duo with absolutely no advantage.


          I see where you are going with this, but I just want it because it looks cool, and it is something I can spend my lingots on, since I have nothing else to do with them.


          I have to agree with the dark mode. In addition to that there should be options to change the color for lingots.


          I agree with the color of lingots.


          I agree that there are not enough things to buy in the shop! Please can we have more things to buy! I think it's a good idea, Chaos_Hawk !


          Dark mode could be cool


          yes! i live that idea! me personally if there is a dark option i always use it!


          (Apologies to everyone with email notifications enabled, who've seen this post a few times now. I promise this is the last one from me)

          If you use Firefox, here are two great Dark Mode Add-ons that I use: Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode. Also would recommend Dark Reader.


          I honestly don't get why people are downvoting this post. Sure, if a lot of people post about it you'll get tired of seeing this, but if we don't keep asking, we'll never get Dark Mode. In my opinion, I'd love to have a Dark Mode available for Duolingo as well.


          The only way I spend my lingots, is by giving them away to post authors like you :)


          Wow! He has the same number of upvotes as my phone number. The area code, I mean, just the first three digits. But that is still a lot of upvotes!


          I'm actually dumbfounded by how many votes this post got, tbh...


          I wish I got so many. About 130 is my record.


          I like the idea of having something to buy, and I like the idea of dark mode, but I don't think basic UI features are something that should be purchased. Like, I'd be happy to buy a pirate theme, but I shouldn't have to spend 100 lingots to make my eyes comfortable while I learn.

          It seems like Duolingo has prioritized adding languages and iterating on the UI over adding gamification. I can't speak to whether that is a good or bad decision, but I am pretty confident that it is just a matter of priorities. I'd be curious to hear why - I generally assume it's just a matter of "languages lead to user acquisition, gamification doesn't".


          I was thinking about this as well! Perhaps a reward for finishing a certain tree would be really cool too. Beautiful French cities as a background theme for finishing the French tree, etc. I wouldn't mind paying lingots for those themes either.


          I hate lingots because there is nothing that they are really good for.


          That's not the lingots fault, it's the lingot store's fault!


          that would be nice my eyes are burning off help


          This is a feature that I'd love. I use dark mode for everything I have that supports it and would love to see it come to the site, even if I have to buy it with lingots. The extensions you can get are sort of nice, but everything seems a little wonky and on my laptop they're off at first. An official Duo dark mode would be a welcomed addition.


          I've edited my original post to include links to both of my dark mode add-ons I use for Firefox. Hopefully users will find them useful.


          Truely, much needed information!!! Thank you!!! :)

          Although I don't have so many lingots to be able to buy Dark Mode in Store even if its available! :p


          I'm using Dark Reader for chrome and it works awesome. You still have a good idea, so please take one of my 1,587 lingots.


          Dude I have 80 lingots can I have some?


          Lingots must be earrrnnnneeedd!!!


          Yes, and you earned a few by that comment!

          [deactivated user]

            Don't ask for lingots. Earn 'em.


            Not a bad idea, although you shouldn't have to "buy" accessibility features - you may not be able to stay on the app long enough to earn enough lingots (or gems) if it isn't accessible. Accessibility for visually impaired is an overall problem on this site (I learned a lot about that when designing a page to be used by the VA), and should be available in settings to everyone. Or better yet, make sure the next re-design meets visual impairment accessibility standards over all, and perhaps have additional features for those with needs that the standard doesn't meet.


            I came to say this. It's not fair to buy accesibility features everyone should have the right to use them. Lingots should be used for complementary features like extra lessons or aesthetic changes.


            I second this notion!


            Disability accommodations should be free


            Hello! Just wanted to say hi to you all!!!! Have an awesome life!


            こんにちは :)


            Yep. I use Firefox and I have an add on that gives duolingo a dark mode for free, which is really nice, but I have a bunch of piled up lingots and I'd definitely spend some on an official duolingo dark mode


            Same, except I have 4 Dark Mode add-ons and a bunch of piled-up Lingots. XD


            I'd also like this as an option. I tried out both of the dark mode add-ons you have in your post, and I just don't feel like either of them look good on Duolingo. I have also used add-ons that specifically say they're for Duolingo Dark Mode, and there's issues with many buttons and metrics being transparent. Having a dark mode optimized by the devs themselves would likely get around these issues. I understand that a lot of people would rather Duolingo focus on just language content and don't like a lot of the little changes they make, so it's not a priority for me, but it would be a welcome change.


            Yeah, the add-ons are not perfect. Closest thing though. Customizing one for a specific site is time consuming, although someone has worked hard on Duolingo Dark Mode. (I have the add-on, just don't use it at the moment due to it not working for Firefox currently) Give it time and perhaps the devs will get on it.


            I usually just collect my lingots to measure all the work that I do but using it for a dark mode is worth it.


            Yes, dark mode would be very good.


            Being a night owl, I love this idea. I’d like that option for all of my apps lol.


            Bruh if we got a dark mode in here I'd be so happy not burning my eyes out at 1:00 AM


            Wonderful idea, good sir!


            A dark mode in both desktop and mobile devices will be superb


            I am completely down for this. Dark mode is something I prefer on all platforms and I hope they take this into consideration.


            This is a great idea!! I had a similar* idea previously... no, more like 20 similar ideas. When I have ideas, they come in floods... back on topic, the staff seem to be ignoring me, maybe I posted too many ideas.

            Anyway, you can see my lingot shop ideas here. I am not trying to advertise, we both just have two great and similar ideas! If @Chaos_Hawk wants to comment about this idea on my post, that is fine.


            Your profile picture indicates you must be creative...

            Yeah, I have plenty of ideas but try to keep my mouth shut in general unless I find it important. You have lots of great ideas though that I wish Duolingo had.

            [deactivated user]

              I would also like to see more things to buy as well with our lingots


              I like dark modes. However, I think it should be a basic feature of any app and not something to earn...


              I agree, there is not much to buy with lingots, and at this point, I have no clue what to do with them. In addition, when it comes to Duolingo's actual store, I would like more merchandise to purchase for actual money, rather than two shirts and a hoodie.


              My workaround to have dark mode (ANDROID) is to invert my colors so it is completely black! just use the invert-colors setting on your phone. If you don't have such setting, install an app that does this :)


              I didn't even know this was a thing!! Thank you this is so cool.


              Omg YESSS that would be so nice!!! I tend to study every morning and every night, and while the white is okay in the morning, at night it can be kinda ughhhh.

              Honestly, if it was an option, I'd just leave night mode on all day - like I do with Twitter and Discord! xD


              Or not just dark mode, like a variety of themes/skins?


              It would be nice if you could also give us the links for these add-ons in chrome. Do you know if such exist?


              I've posted all of the Chrome links (and a few extra) in a previous reply to the same request.
              Follow this link to see them:
              https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/These are the links you are looking for
              The links are in my two comments above this link to Chaos_Hawk's reply.


              Please yes! I need my eyes for seeing!


              I agree i have been hacked for all of my lingots tho


              I really want to see DUO add a dark mode, until they add it you can use the chrome extionsion that I have created which allows you to change the colors and font of DUO, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-appearance/oifnhalickiahlaoacabfafjaibhhimo.


              This would be cool, but sadly I traded all my lingots for monopoly money.


              I feel they will add dark mode to the IOS version after IOS 13 comes out IOS 13 has a dark mode


              It would certainly be smart for the app, but what about the desktop site?


              I feel that it should require more coding and effort


              Neither would be difficult at all. A dark mode is as simple as changing colors from light to dark. Either the staff doesn't read the forums or the designers decided against it for branding purposes :/


              Your profile picture is perfect for your post, @JustinRowe18 :P


              awesome idea! Anything worth lingots is a motivation! THough it could also be a product of plus...


              I really hope that with iOS 13 Duolingo will eventually add a dark mode ;(


              This is a good idea... like every other thing that users ask duo for. personally, since there isn't really anything to spend on, I hoard. MHAHAHAHA!!! but it would be cool to have something to spend them on :)


              Agreed It would be good to buy a lock-screen mode for tinycards too


              That's actually an awesome idea! I always try to use night mode on a web page when possible but it's a shame that so few web pages have that option.


              Have a Lingot my dude

              [deactivated user]

                this is very needed, i often do duolingo at the end of the day in bed, where i do not want to be straining my eyes. Upvoted.


                Good idea! I support you.


                I just want to comment that here is an app called Twilight that is very useful for dark reading. I have been using it for years. One problem for me is that the setting i use in Twilight, makes the yellow text impossible to read. Maybe there are tweaks I can do. Anyways, it's just a suggestion for a temporary solution.


                Because I commented on this topic, and because I have email notifications enabled, I have been receiving notifications every day today. Just in the last few minutes it seems like I'm getting one every minute or so. This is crazy.


                Yeah, I've had it the same way. Woke up this morning to my inbox flooded and thought "Wow, that one exploded..."


                That dark mode for Firefox coes not work at all with screen readers such as the narrator. I know what you're gonna say, why would you want to? Well, let's just say I would like it to. I also know that you might say, how is this relevant over here? It's not, just felt like saying something.


                Sounds like a good idea :) I've got tons of lingots sitting around doing nothing ;)


                Sounds like a nice idea


                What am I supposed to be doing with these Lingots? I bought a gold tracksuit but have no idea where to view and enjoy the little bird man wearing it. Seems like a waste.


                The little Duo appears in motivational messages (when you get right 5 or 10 answers in row).


                Although it doesn’t wear it anymore, on the website it doesn’t have clothes and on the app it has a sweatband.


                This idea. I like it. ANOTHER


                I'm using the extension created by another user as mentioned on this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32321871

                But I definitely agree with your suggestion!


                Sure, it would be nice to get more features in exchange for lingots


                "Dark Mode for Lingots" would be a great name for a metal band.


                This sounds like a good idea


                A'Hein ! nice :o idea


                this is a very long discussion...:-)


                I think this is a good idea, because if not then some people are straining their eyes when they could just have the option of having a dark mode.


                Dark mode should be paid with lingots


                This seems like a great idea!


                it is fine with this site, I love it , I appreciate it , thanks the owner of this site, danke, dont get dissapointed with bad comments, the number of subcriber shows confidence in your work. sorry for my broken english but hopeful i explain myself well. danke owner and your team.


                It's 2019 and there are still websites without a Dark Mode. It's infuriating.

                [deactivated user]

                  also the skill levels be the colors that you want. For example if you don't want the gold or orange (bronze) color for the skill medals you can make them any favorite color that you want. Youu get choices of colors. maybe even two or more choices. Can have a rainbow of colors even add block or brown if want alos add the yellow and orange if you want it. Maybe make them the color of gems like the league colors are.


                  Chrome has an extension that makes any website dark mode. It's called "Dark Reader", it's not perfect, but gets the job done.


                  They have progress quizzes you can spend lingots on.

                  Not in Irish. They want you to join Plus for doing extra exercises.


                  Great idea, except one thing: I think Duolingo should instead offer the option of dark mode in the settings right from the start. Because for those with light sensitivity... it's not a "fun feature"... Its something quite necessary...


                  please Duo make Dark mode happen! we need this in our lives!


                  I've never seen so many upvotes hahaha


                  They could call it Night Owl!


                  Don't download the plugins in the OP unless you want to be tracked


                  Both add-ons are safe to download. One of them is open source and the other states in its privacy policy that it will just land you on its site which runs a Google script. Before you panic, Duolingo itself runs Google scripts, so get adblock/anti-track add-ons. I'm a privacy-concerned user myself, and would never recommend shady add-ons without warning. I recommend Ghostery, Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials, and UMatrix as good privacy add-ons for Firefox with good privacy policies.

                  However, if those two add-ons are still a concern for anyone reading this, another option is the Mozilla recommended add-on Dark Reader, which is privacy focused. I've updated my post description to include this one as well.

                  A fundamental permission you have to give add-ons is permission to access all the sites you visit (because it's supposed to darken them, of course). Just make sure you actually read any provided privacy policies and permission listings to stay safe :P


                  thank you. Was going to try and research that as the majority of add-ons for good not to have knee-jerk reaction due to news stories about unrelated products.

                  Mozilla's advice: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tips-assessing-safety-extension


                  It's still going...

                  By the way that Dark Night mode for Firefox doesn't work properly. Looks like they forgot to invert the color on interactable objects such as buttons, so that the text on said buttons appears as white on white. Also, highlighted links still appear as blue on black, which is not the easiest thing to see.


                  Yeah, it doesn't look the best. Still, gets the job done. The other ones I recommended have their own pros and cons :-/

                  Also yeah, I may need to mute this thread to save my inbox XD


                  Dark mode is for chads


                  I would also very much like to see this. I use duo lingo and memrise to help me fall asleep. I am sure my partner in crime would appreciate it if it wasn't so bright and so would I.

                  I think it should be available to every one and agree it should just be an accessibility thing, but perhaps to sweeten the pot for implementation it could be provided to Plus subscribers? Not my favorite idea but it may help to encourage people to invest in an excellent teaching tool that has helped a lot of people for free over the years.

                  Edit: btw, Memrise just implemented a dark mode ^_^ so excited.


                  It's really a great idea. I use DL in the app so I can't use add-ons, but this way will do it. Plus good way to utilize those lingots we have lying around. Dark mode is a pretty essential nowadays. DL has to add it some day or the other.


                  Had the same thought.

                  [deactivated user]

                    Are there any for Microsoft Edge?


                    I agree. All there is in the shop is a few things to spend your lingots on...


                    I'm not sure that' s a very good idea...You see not many people have a way of getting lingots so if it is pricey (which it probably will be) the people who need it the most won't have it if they can't afford it so it wouldn't be fair, as it is a great idea for people will work on Duo for it so yea there is a perk but what about the downside that has more weight on the topic. As for the people new to this, it wouldn't be right because of the high need for this it shouldn't have a price. But again a great idea :) .


                    You got 60 lingots in your hand !

                    1. Lvl up a skill
                    2. Get multiple of a ten day streak
                    3. People might give you some on forums, take ten.


                    I need the dark mode. Duo cannot upgrade. it irritates me when the devs do not listen to people.


                    you can download the darkreader extension. I can link it to this comment. Its a free dark mode that you can toggle. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh?hl=en-US


                    Truely, much needed information!!! Thank you!!! :)

                    Although I don't have so many lingots to be able to buy Dark Mode in Store even if its available! :p


                    Suddenly, I saw 10 lingots within 15 minutes of writing the above comment! And I am Amazed!!! Thank you for those Lingots!!! :)

                    Whoever has given me those Lingots, YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME!!!

                    This Duolingo Community is AMAZING!!! I am in Love with this Community!!!


                    Suddenly, I saw 10 lingots within 15 minutes of writing the above comment! And I am Amazed!!! Thank you very much for those Lingots!!! :)

                    Whoever has given me those Lingots, YOU ARE REALLY AWESOME!!!

                    This Duolingo Community is AMAZING!!! I am in Love with this Community!!!


                    do you have to pay


                    I just got a fantastic idea, what if we could convert lingots to airmiles. That would really help my Spanish too, because I'd be spending a lot more time in Mexico. Jajaja


                    that would be cool.


                    I use some,so i have 6 lingos


                    Lingots are useless ( but I want them to brag about to my friends


                    Great Idea! The shop is pretty bare, but I think Duo's working on it!


                    It would be cool if they went a step further and added various colored backgrounds to buy instead of just a dark mode.


                    I have 19 lingots. Can somebody help me! :)

                    [deactivated user]

                      ı have not lingot, Can somebody help me!


                      I NEEEEEEEEEEED LINGOTS!


                      Go to https://darkreader.org and install the extension for your browser. It's just awesome and works on majority of the websites. It's used by millions and it's funded by donations. So nothing to worry ;)


                      lingots are awesome but the point is to learn


                      If anyone has extra lingots they'd like to give me, I'm running low as I gave away most of mine today.


                      Would somebody help me I need lingots, Pleeeeeeease?


                      I ever use the dark-mode


                      Hola Viktor, ¿que tal?


                      What about chromebooks?


                      If you are using a computer you can go to accessibility and turn on negative mode. It's the same thing.

                      [deactivated user]

                        That's a GREAT idea. Does Duolingo read these posts?


                        Yes! And other color schemes would be nice


                        Use an add-on or script.


                        GIVE ME LINGOTTS RICH PEOPLE


                        Can someone explain what test means?


                        People say "test" when they want to see if something works. LorenaMGB wants to know if their post works. Lorena MGB says "test" to find out.

                        I don't know why LorenaMGB wants to test. Posting works fine.


                        A night mode, where the background is black instead of white to make it easier on the eyes. It could be added for free of course (that would be nice) but it could also be something to spend Lingots on as well.

                        [deactivated user]

                          Thankyou for clarifying. I thought you meant the dark web......


                          I'm quite curious how any site would implement the entire dark web into their site. Especially considering most of it is not indexed by normal web crawlers.


                          Not many people understand how the Dark Web or the Deep Web actually work. That's fair though, I didn't know until awhile ago, and no I don't use either.

                          [deactivated user]

                            it was what we English call "a joke".

                            It was not sarcasm. It was a pun, a play on words. Language is what this site is about, and language learning CAN be fun! Sorry this comes out of sequence - the original comment followed JSG's post and your response allows no further comment.


                            It is difficult to see sarcasm using nothing but text. I was not trying to say you didn't know what the Dark Web/Deep Web is, and even took into consideration that it may have been a joke. None the less, I wasn't sure, hence my neutral response.

                            As a side note, I'm a native English (American) speaker, and am slightly concerned as to your, quite frankly, insensitive remark. There are millions of users here who are all trying to learn how to communicate via dozens of languages.

                            I'm not mad or anything, just trying to remain logical. Downvote if you want, I don't really expect to get upvotes here and I honestly don't care. I'm just trying to learn and share what I've learned, because that's productive. It's kind of the point of this site, to be honest.


                            Yeah, this whole thing is super out of sequence now but just thought I'd mention that I've found a way around that reply button vanishing: If you reply to the highest comment in that branch, the reply button will appear and you can then delete your junk post. I don't know why it works but it does for me at least.

                            In response to your actual post though, no worries about the pun. Sorry if I came off as accusatory.


                            Wow! That really works. Cool! I was always wondering how to fix the reply button issue!


                            How many times can you reply to someone?


                            Hu? I guess I broke the system and now the replies show up on the left... What?


                            This is odd... I don't think you even can reply to this comment! Try it.


                            Using the trick I just taught you, I think it goes on forever. (Although the screen will eventually not display it ideally)

                            Yeah, the display is odd... Weird. I've never seen a reply chain this long before. It looks like it's coded to default back to the primary position when it runs out of scripted increments to the right. Funny, you really do learn something new every day on Duolingo.


                            Yes, but there is a limit at which you can no longer post...

                            Edit: I don't think I can reply to this, can you?

                            Edit: This is very interesting.

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