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You are never too old to learn a new language

i went over to visit my grandma the other day and she saw me on my phone practicing german and she was like "whats that?" so i told her its easy and fun and you can learn (the basics of) a new language on it. she got on her ancient computer and set up an account and now she is better than me.

July 16, 2019



I didn't start learning languages until I reached sixties. I appreciate them more now than when I was younger.


Ich auch, ich war fünfundsechzig wann ich Deutsch gelernt


And you have made great progress! very motivational... Congratulations!


Last year I was turning 40 I read an article that said "If you are over 40, forget learning a new language - that ship has sailed' and it annoyed me so much that I decided to learn Japanese. Well done to your grandmother! The fact that she's stayed curious and kept her desire to learn will keep her young :)


People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.
- Unknown, Puck Magazine, 1902


and I have turned 41... forget the article, it is false :) When I have started to play the piano, I was in changing groups, because my job was in shift work. (What is the way to say, that a person works in different times?) One of the group consists of people learned the piano with an age over 60 years. And they have played the piano very well.


Was English your only language at the time? Well done on learning Japanese regardless, I gave up shortly after starting Kanji haha.


A big DuoLingo welcome to your grandmother and kudos to you for introducing her to the Owl and his millions of wise members! You are never too old or too young to learn a language or inspire others to do so.


That's fantastic!


Wow! Sorry for getting out of the subject but I couldn't help to notice your streak and the number of languages you have learned! I'm very impressed and curious, are you able to have at least a basic conversation with them? Don't you get all mixed up?

I hope one day I can achieve what you have done, I would like to learn many languages but it feels like forever to make any progress, especially while dealing with other responsibilities.



Perhaps she has a bit more free time than you do? ;)


Its so true! Despite what people say "Learn a language when you are young" I believe that ANYONE is able to learn a language at ANY stage in their life!


Being young has nothing to do with age ;-)

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