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  5. "هٰذا مَكْتَب كَبير."

"هٰذا مَكْتَب كَبير."

Translation:This is a big office.

July 16, 2019



Would "This office is big" work? Or how would you say that?

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Actually the sentence "this office is big" is definite (i.e. the office is defined, by virtue of using "this") and hence in Arabic it would be: هذا المكتب كبير (al-maktab, the office). Thus, for the Arabic sentence above (where maktab is indefinite), the translation has to be "this is a big office"


That makes sense. Thank you!


I wrote this is a large office but Duo, which accepted the alternative on other occasions, didn't like it here


Did you hit the report button and select "my answer should be accepted"?


No, I didn't. I probably thought I'd got it wrong!


How do I type هذا on android? It won't accept it without the little alif

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Really????? Duolingo still insist on this Alif???

Sorry to tell you but no Arabic keyboard I've checked so far has this Alif by default - if I want to type it I have to use a third party help. Some iPhone or Mac users reported that they have it on their keyboard but for me on Windows and on Android never saw it.

This Alif is not used in the regular writing and typing and many people requested it to be removed. You would find it in Quran more but not in regular writing.
I guess the quickest solution I can offer you here is to copy it and paste it when needed!


Yep, that's how I got around it. At first it didn't accept هذا, then I tried هاذا but it failed as well. It's weird because usually it doesn't require diacritics, and even accepts mistakes in vowels (long vowel instead of short etc) as correct answers. Thanks for the info.

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Most welcome.

For such problems people are going away from Duolingo


On the gboard (google keyboard) I can find it if I hold down the dot key.


Why not "This office is big"?

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This office is big: هذا المكتب كبير (háδá al-maktabu kabeer) [δ = TH in This].

When you say (This office) in English, you've actually "defined" the office by pointing to it with "this" - in other words, you do mean a specific office and not one of the offices. Thus, in Arabic, we have the combination هذا المكتب (this office).
However, if we say in English (this is an office), the Arabic translation would be هذا مكتب (and it is a full sentence). Notice how "AL" disappeared from المكتب became indefinite.

Hope it's clear.

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