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  5. "Seth has a scarf."

"Seth has a scarf."

Translation:عِنْد سيث وِشاح.

July 16, 2019



posting fos sound on وِشاح


Why عند؟ not عندَك؟


I think the second one would mean "Seth has your scarf", because the ending "ك" indicates "belonging to you"


The second one translates to "You have"


why is there no option to choose the correct verb form and instead if I use the second best option it says I have a typo?????


There is no verb, at least not in the Arabic. What did you enter?


yes I know but I meant the English verb "to have". when I click عند it says you have a typo but the conjugated form of عند is not provided as an option


Hmm, the uninflected عند would be the only correct form in this sentence...unless you changed the word order. Did you have "سيث عِنْد وِشاح"? In that case, you might need "عِنْدَهُ", but I'm not certain that's correct. If you stick with the order in the solution at the top of the page, you don't need to change عند. Hope that helps.

And helpful tip, only verbs (in any language) are conjugated. Other parts of speech declined, or more broadly, inflected. "عند" in Arabic functions as a preposition.


Yo creo que la oracion correcta es سيث عنده وشاح I'm not sure but I think is the closest one.....

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