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  5. "a blue and brown hat"

"a blue and brown hat"

Translation:قُبَّعة زَرْقاء وَبُنِّيّة

July 16, 2019



Confused by the white and blue spelling in this and previous question. We learned blue was spelled أَزرَق and white was أَبيعض why is it now different but with the ء at the end? Feel like I'm missing something maybe from earlier lessons...


It is new in this lesson. Many colours and a few other adjectives have a different feminine form than just appending ة. The feminine forms of white and blue are بيضاء and زرقاء.


Each color has a set three letters. For example...

z r k (blue)

b y d (white)

b n y (brown) etc..

Each color has masculine and feminine gender assigned to them based on the location of the three letters.

Masculine: a 2 _ _ a _

Feminine: _ a _ _ a 2

Fill in the blanks with the three letters from a color to observe its masculine or feminine form.

Furthermore, the gender of a color is determined by the object it applies to when used as an adjective, not the person you are speaking to.

I hope that helps.


I am still missing something..which gender is وشاح , معطف ..?


Very helpful @ruyalty


In this lesson we learnt about three colors - blue white and brown. And their combinations, except one combination. Why doesn't the combination "blue and white" appear? Thanks


They have to explain the difference between man and feminine color words


why is it زَرْقاء and not أَزرَق? Can you help me out ?

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