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  5. "Carrie, is Judy your wife?"

"Carrie, is Judy your wife?"

Translation:يا كَري هَل جودي زَوْجَتِك؟

July 16, 2019



I doubt these words have been uttered in Arabic before now

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I got something similar in German today. I think the system just collects words randomly. and i'm not sure why don't they use proper Arabic names instead of non-Arabic ones


Well they do! Mohamed that name never crosses over there is no equivalent in any other language except a possible Memet in turkey and perhaps the Stan's eg kajakistan and Mammad in India Pakistan Bangladesh and thereabouts Then Rawad Omar Tamer Samia Bashir Ali Lama Reem Ranua Sarah Zeina (mmm not forgetting Dawood except duo will not allow it to be translated to David as it should be )) are really quite authentic Arab names I daresay. And besides there are a lot of Arabic speaking people in Lebanon Syria Jordon and even Sudan and Somalia that have names other than PURELY Islamic Names and even Mike is acceptable since it is probably the shortened form of the Arabic Mikaeel An a Angel like Jibraeel and there's the rub!! So I don't think you can win that battle


Aside from all the other intelligent replies, I'll mention that there are Arabic-speaking Christians (many in or from Lebanon, for example), Arabic-speaking atheists, etc.


They probably have been, to determine if they will be stoned or just beheaded.


I am very happy for Carrie and her wife <3


It's a question. Might not be true.


Judging from the other sentences made, it is true.


Clarifying for everyone that they are not just 'roommates'


I don't understand why the question part isn't هل زوجتك جودي =(

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in English, do you say is Judy your wife? or Is your wife Judy? ?


Ok, yeah, that makes sense. The name comes first because you're asking whether this particular person has the relationship, rather than whether the relationship is fulfilled by this particular person. Thanks!


For me the questions have different meanings: Is Judy your wife (or not)? Is your wife Judy (or is it someone else )? But English is not my mother tongue.


MahjongJo, you're absolutely correct in your interpretation. These two indeed have a slightly different connotation


It depends on your English dialect. In Ireland, either construction would be perfectly fine, commonly used.


Honestly u say both at least in the US


Is that an intimation that it shows an element of respect to Judy in is Judy or wife or an element of possesion is your wife Judy and I suppose it should be is Judy your wife


Hold on guys, isn't Carrie a woman name? (・o・)


Yes. This sentence talks about a Luti couple.


What does Luti mean?


Is it not possible to put يا (+name) at the beginning of the sentence?


Can't it also be: يا كري هل زوجتك جودي؟


Live not by Lies. Enough already. Grade me down and let me go on to the next lesson.


Since it is a lesbian couple why don't we use an - ak for one of them to make a difference?


Because they are two women. Gay couples don't have to assign one person to play a "male" role and one person to play a "female" role -- people can just be themselves.

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