Some pronunciations are flat out wrong. They need a native speaker to revise! IMMEDIATELY!

I am of Indian origin but grew up with English as the sole language spoken at home. Still, I can recognize certain things.

I believe Duolingo is correcting these, but sometimes they will display the letter "Jha" and pronounce it "ja". Sometimes they will pronounce "A" like "a" sometimes like "aha". Sometimes the will pronounce the consonant vowel formation "ja + u" as "ju" and sometimes like "aju". The pronunciation of "i" is flat out weird and sounds like "a" and they have no idea how to pronounce the "anga" or other such things.

This will be very confusing and detrimental to any Hindi learners, and create problems in their (our) trying to communicate.

I know Hindi isn't the easiest language to fit in the Duolingo format but these are easy fixes and never should have been broken in this way from the first place. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY!

July 16, 2019

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There is also often "pa" instead of "ta" in the Chinese course.

The short answer is "they don't care".

It's good to have this course here, though.

July 16, 2019
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