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  5. "A netball match"

"A netball match"

Translation:Mashindano ya mpira wa pete

July 16, 2019



Why mashindano and not mechi for match?


very inconsistent and frustrating indeed!!


Duo, please try to be consistent. Either one, "mechi or mashindano" is acceptable. One time you accept mechi but when it's used you mark it wrong.


Mashindano =competition Mechi= match. Every language has words that can be used interchaneably although to the purists they may have sligtly different meanings. Hopefully DL won't mark it wrong when we follow their lead and use them interchangeably.


you taught us mashindano was a competition and mechi or mchezo a game/match: now "practice what you preach"! (but I am afraid all these comments are lost on you, as there are others 14 months old and you haven't fixed it, so, never mind..)


The hint gives a complete translation of the complete sentence as “mchezo wa mpira wa pete”. It was typed correctly and rejected. So either the hint is incorrect, the answer above is incorrect, or they should both be accepted!


Mashindano is a competition not a match. These two words are very different in English


Why mashindano and not mechi or mchezo

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