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  5. "pe'vIlHa' ghaH yIHot!"

"pe'vIlHa' ghaH yIHot!"

Translation:Touch him gently!

July 16, 2019



I wonder why my answer "Touch it gently." was accepted, when the text says ghaH. Do we assume an "it" (should be 'oH) which is capable of speech? What would then be the difference between ghaH and 'oH? Or is it just a mistake in the accepted answers?


You are correct. All these sentences and their many translations can get very repetitive and mind-numbing and it seems someone may have just been in a groove and forgot that since this sentence says ghaH, then "it" is not a possible translation. I have removed it (pun intended).


Hagh, Hagh, Hagh :-)

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