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  5. "شادي دُكتور سورِيّ."

"شادي دُكتور سورِيّ."

Translation:Shadi is a Syrian doctor.

July 16, 2019



I forgot letter a . And its wrong.


Same exact thing happened to me.


I prefer learning names like this that sound more Arabic than English ones. Learning how to write Bob, Carrie and David in Arabic doesn't feel helpful at all!


I also forgot letter "a" and it show it is wrong thats unfair


No...... its you who think it is unfair. You are learning arabic. Not english. So you should remember to add a article!


Can someone tell me if I understood it right ? the first word (Shadi) is composed by the following letters : "sheen - aa - daal - yaa" . the second word (doctor) is : "daal * - kaa - yaa - thaa - raa" - * ( daal has haraka damma on it which gives short u sound, right?) . then the third word (Syrian) is : "seen - waa - raa - yaa * " . * (can someone explain me which haraka is the one I see on the last "yaa" ?) thanks ^_^


Mee too im confused aswell but may b in arabic syria is pronounced as suri


mintchocolate190, SanguineLoreen:

(1) "can someone tell me if I understood it right?"

To simplify the matter, it is:

شادي => ش - ا - د - ي

(shin - alif - daal - ya)

دكتور => د - ك - ت - و - ر

(daal - kaf - ta - wawu "wa" - ra)

سوريّ => س - و - ر - ي

(sin - wawu "wa" - ra - ya)

(2) "daal has haraka damma on it which gives short u sound, right?"

Yes, you're right -- numero uno! دُ is "du".

(3) "can someone explain me which haraka is the one I see on the last "yaa"?"

It is called as "shadda" or "tashdiid", which makes a double consonant sounds. So, here " y" ي becomes "yy" يّ.

(4) "Thanks ^_^"

Non menzionarlo! ≧﹏≦

(5) "... but may b in arabic syria is pronounced as suri"

It is "suuriyy" which means "Syrian". Whilst, "Syria" is سوريا "suuriyaa".

Hope it helps :))

Nb: I write this comment from the app so I cannot make any editing. Hopefully there is no mistake.


I believe, i could be wrong, but that denotes that it is a double letter.


You are correct. It turns -ii into -iyy.


Same. They should consider it right without an a, because a lot of learners are not native English speakers and may forgot it anyway.


Just becuase of a, they make answer wrong?? Strange


Same. Is the app teaching english or arabic


How the hell suri=syria


"Sūryā" is "Syria". "Sūriyy(ah)" is "Syrian"


This app is ridiculous, i am learning polish not english and in polish there is no equivalent word for a so its just ridiculous


And its the same in Arabic too no equivalent translation for a in arabic just ridiculous app


I wrote Dr. Shadi is Syrian n i still got denied


Autocorrect screwd you so bad at speed


Folks Shadi is a dude's name??


Shaadi duktuur Suuriyy.


I just missed the h in shadi. Lol.

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