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"The professor's computer is in the professor's office."

Translation:حاسوب اَلْأُسْتاذة في مَكْتَب اَلْأُسْتاذة.

July 16, 2019



The answers حاسوب الأستاذ في مكتب الأستاذة And حاسوب الأستاذ في مكتب الأستاذ And حاسوب الأستاذة في مكتب الأستاذ

Should all be accepted.


This structure is technically right but nit appropriate. You should say: حاسوب الأستاذة في مكتبها


This would say "The professor's computer is in her office." which is not what the English sentence wants from us.


I would have liked to use "professor's" twice, but once I had clicked on it once, I found no way (I am not saying there wasn't one, but that I didn't know how) to click on it a second time. If I had an Arabic keyboard / chracter set, I could have done so.


My answer is correct I believe????

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