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You should stick to MSA because it is used in all universities media and magazines.

Using MSA will help you better in understanding the language as a language not as a street language. You ll also understand the media, read arabic subtitles, read and write perfectly, and attend a school and read its curriculum without a problem. If you learn the street language then you ll have to learn more than 5 of them.

July 17, 2019



I totally agree. Learning slang before mastering the standard language is a recipe for disaster. I live in KSA, here we have people speaking many different "accents" as they call it. I call it slang because "alem" means pain for some and pen for others. Watch enough movies and you can pick up street language. I don't think you can say that for MSA.


Link for MSA, please ?

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MSA is supposed to be the one to be taught here on Duolingo but unfortunately I've discovered a lot of "holes" in the system and drifting into the dialectical realm.


Ok, so MSA designs a sort of Arab, I suppose it is the main form, understood in most Arab countries. But what are these letters for ?

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which letters do you mean?


Alexey gave me the answer below. Now, I know that I am learning Modern Standard Arabic with duo.


The language of Duo course is not a pure MSA, the developers included elements of living Arabic dialects in it (I think I read here in discussions that this is mostly a Lebanese dialect), which the TS and other Arabs regret.


I would rather start with a dialect first so that I can start speaking with people directly as soon as possible. Some people say they regret they wasted years studying MSA, and still couldn't have a normal conversation with anyone.

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