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  5. "هٰذا إيجاري."

"هٰذا إيجاري."

Translation:This is my rent.

July 17, 2019



Assuming this is something you would say to your landlord upon handing them the month's rent?

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Actually the opposite, this is what the landlord would say to you (talking about the amount of his rent).


Yes, I would expect to hear this from a person paying their rent.


The dagger alif doesn't seem to be present on the keyboard I installed (Egypt standard). It's not counted correct with the short a (هَذا) or with no diacritic (هذا). Am I supposed to use the word bank every time I use this word? It's driving me up the wall.


Are you given the option of typing out in Arabic? I only get the 'box selecting' system.


I can on desktop, but it may not be an option on mobile.


how do I type "this" in Arabic on my keyboard. haadhaa (h long-a dh long-a) doesn't work? It seems that h dh aa هذا is acceptable sometimes, but not here.


I couldn't find this as a shortcut on my Qwerty keyboard either. On a computer, you can use unicode to get the dagger above the ه I have to change back to GB language (otherwise the numbers come up in arabic and then don't seem to work) Then hold down shift and control and press U - and an underlined U comes up. Then type the unicode for the little dagger, which is 0670 then press space, or enter, and > ٰ


Don't forget the dagger alif!


Where can I find this on the keyboard? In my arabic keyboard (mobile) it doesn't exist.


Long press on a "dot", a window appears with a number of choices for diacritics. First type the letter, then the diacritic.


i cant find "my" in Arabic here


It is the suffix -i.


This is my"ی" ایجار+ی=my+rent


What's a rent?? Sorry to be stupid. But English ain't my native language. but I haven't found a Bangla to Arabi course. So it's a bit difficult for me


Rent (not "a rent" because it is not countable) is the payment for a flat or an apartment.

Also, say "English isn't my native language". Never use the word "ain't" unless you deliberately intend to give the impression that you are uneducated.

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supposedly the amount of money offered for a place or something (the amount of rent)


This doesnt really make sense in english.... this is the cost of renting the flat for a month....this is the money for the rent.....

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