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Learning Spanish with my Son with Nonverbal Autism

My 26 year old son has nonverbal autism, and communicates by spelling on an alphabet letter board. He listens, watches, an participates with me as we progress down the tree. It’s so exciting to go out into our community in San Marcos Texas, where he can interact with Spanish speakers using his letter board. He also loves going to museums and reading everything in both Spanish and English. We’re enjoying our journey.

July 17, 2019



Awesome! Good luck to your son!

Does he also write using the letterboard? I read about this Japanese autistic boy who wrote an autobiographical book with the help of a letterboard (and his mom :)


James was thrilled to read “The Reason I Jump.” He said on his letterboard that it told his story better than anyone else ever had! I hope you have an opportunity to read his book. We first heard about it from Jon Stewart when he still did the Daily Show. So glad we did.


Sometimes I pat myself on the back for practicing my languages a lot. Then I read something like this. You, parent of Son with Nonverbal Autism - my hat is off to you. Thank you for sharing. You are definitely on the right path, and you both have my respect.


I agree. Posts like this give me some perspective


Many thanks! Please DO pay yourself on the back for practicing!


Wow, this is some quality parental material right here.


Gracias por una historia maravillosa e inspiradora. Buena suerte a ambos.


That's really cool. Good luck to both of you.

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