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Hindi, how has it benefited you?

I'm currently slowly working on the duo course but I am mostly working on it elsewhere. I now can practice reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises.

I feel like with all these resources I can definitely get somewhere in Hindi. I am not to frightend by the script as I'm a bit familiar with it from reading Sanksrit in Devangari script (same one HIndi uses) in the Baghavad Gita.

I want to know, anyone here a high level in Hindi? Anyone completed want to share their thoughts? How has Hindi benefited you and what reasons do you like it?

I really love India all around and figure Hindi is the most common in the places I want to visit mostly, but other parts speak Tamil or Kannada or Rajhastani (or is that just a dialect of Jaipuri which is a regional dialect of Hindi lol?)


July 17, 2019



Actually, Rajasthani is a dialect of Hindi, and Jaipuri Dhundari is a sub-dialect of Rajasthani. Also, Hindi does help in India. I do recommend learning Hindi as a way to understand more of the culture here.


reading Sanskrit in Bhagavad Gita

Does this mean that you know Sanskrit language??


Only a few passages from the Bhagavad Gita with English translation. I don't know Sanskrit but I'd love it to be added. With its cousin, Latin, being added perhaps we'll see it in the incubator. :)


I haven't had a chance to really use my Hindi yet (certainly not to travel to India), but thanks to my Hindi I felt better able to interact with certain Hindi tv shows on Netflix (I recommend Leila to anyone who wants practice and also wants to watch a really good dystopian tv show that makes The Handmaid's Tale look happy and cheerful). I also just really like languages in general, and speaking Hindi gives me a leg up on learning all the other Indo-Iranian languages, from Persian to Pashto to Kurdish. Plus, its writing system is the most badass writing system I've learned so far.


(Disclaimer r.e. Leila: If anyone reading this happens to be a supporter of the Bharatiya Janata party: you will probably hate this show.)

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