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Spanish as my default language

I want to change my default language into spanish. In settings (UI language) is not possible to change it. Is any other possibility to change it?

April 10, 2012



i have changed default my duolingo language to spanish and i wont let me change it back to english


Yo tengo el mismo problema!! Si lo solucionas avisame!


Yo tambien.


It does not work. Once I'm logged in, the language interface changes into english.


It looks like a feature that will work in the future, but is not developped yet. Remember duolingo is still in a testing phase, a bunch of things are likely to change in the coming weeks/months/whenever they plan on releasing the final version.


Can we know when this will be fixed? my friend is frustrated that in the login screen, it indicates you can change the default language to Spanish (and it makes the login screen Spanish) but shows the rest of the site (ie all the content you need) in English


1 year ago I started this discusion and untill today stills the same problem. Of course Duolingo is useless if you can't see the interface in the language you know. What can you do if, for example, you don't speak english and come where to learn it and the interface is only in that language? useless.


That is exactly the position my friend is in now - wants to learn German, but needs the default language to be Spanish

Do they publish a list of priorities for development?


I had to create a second account, bit now it works!

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