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  5. "كَلْب سَعيد"

"كَلْب سَعيد"

Translation:a happy dog

July 17, 2019



why is "kelbun" not just "kelb". that wasn't described in the lessons

July 17, 2019


it has to do with "dog" being indefinite noun. In English, you would put "a" or "an" before the word if it is indefinite. In Arabic, Tanwin or nunation [-(v)N] comes at the end of the word - (v) here stands for a vowel, it can be either A, I, or U, depending on the case of the word. Kalb-un here is an indefinite noun, in nominative case. Suppose I want to make this one definite (i.e. the dog), then it would be (الكلبُ: al-kalbu); The happy dog (الكلبُ السعيدُ), The dog is happy (الكلبُ سعيدٌ)

notice in the last example how the last word (the adjective) is detached and it gets Tanwin as well because now it is predicative and not attributive like in the other examples before.

July 17, 2019
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