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"Palestine is a diverse and historic place."

Translation:فِلَسْطين مَكان مُتَنَوِّع وَتاريخِيّ.

July 17, 2019



The best sentence to be written ever on duolingo.


It's just a blatant lie. It isn't diverse. It isn't diverse at all.


The Roman Palestine is historic. But the political "Palestin"e is only less than 50 years old.


My answer فلسطين مكان تاريخي ومتنوع was not accepted. I thought that you have to reverse the adjective order in Arabic. "Historic" is the closest adjective to "place", so that's why I put تاريخي right after مَكان.

My answer should be accepted right? Or did I make another type of mistake?



If we write:

فلسطينُ مكانٌ تاريخيٌّ ومتنوعٌ =

the sentence looks like ...

فلسطينُ مكانٌ تاريخيٌّ. وفلسطين مكانٌ متنوعٌ

So, it means: "Palestine is a historic and diverse place".


Reversing the order of adjectives like you did is correct when the 'and' does not appear in the sentence. When we have a chain of adjectives (without the connecting word ' and') the one closest to the noun in Arabic should be the one farthest from it in English.


Again, I have the same problem. Unless I see what I wrote, I cannot tell what the wrong word was.


It is a history and a very big fact that the country of Israel of this time is only a territory of occupation whose base is not built upon democracy or justice but on inhuman act and brutality. Israel must give justice and proper place to Palestinian people if you have any sense of humanity. However it is a course of language, let's come together, without disputing anything.


Ah huh. They can't even pronounce Palestine. Let's just give you an idea of how fictional connection is between the historic Palestine and the "Palestinian" people

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