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Arabic keyboard

So I traditionally do Duolingo on a desktop because I don't like the app, but for Arabic I've been doing it on my phone because of the Arabic keyboard. I don't use the app and I have an iPhone. Anyway, I don't know how to make the slashes above the letters for "a" or below for "i". It leaves me having to write things like "wa" as "و" without the slash. Duolingo still counts it as correct, but I want to do it the right way. Any thoughts?

July 17, 2019



you don't need to write slashes in arabic! nobody writes it, they are like side-wheels on bikes for new learners.


So that's going to make reading it harder for beginners, but do native Arabic speakers know what they are? Or is it like some odd learning tool that is really never used?


do you use Apple? if so, click the button that looks like this: ً and hold it down and all of the different marks will pop up.

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