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All the words and phrases you'll need for Checkpoint two!

Hi there! I thought it'd be useful to post of all the words and sentences (at least all that I encountered) taught from the 1st to the 2nd checkpoint, seeing as how popular my last post was (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32975522). Hope you find this helpful! Let me know below! And please let me know if there are any mistakes as I'm not a native Arabic speaker. Thanks! :-)

I've also added all the words taught to the Duolingo wiki. Feel free to take a look at that as well as I've done the words up to and including Hobbies 1: https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Arabic_Skill:Hobbies

Descrip. 2/Descriptions 2 LESSON 1 WORDS سام = Sam (male name) زَيد = Zayd (male name) دُوو = Duo (name of the Duolingo mascot) دُكتور = doctor (masculine) سَعيد = happy (masculine) مُمتِع = fun (masculine) مُتَرجِم = translator (masculine)

SOME SENTENCES جورج مُمتِع = George is fun جورج مُتَرجِم = George is a translator سام جَديد = Sam is new دُوو مُمتاز = Duo is amazing جورج سَعيد وَمُمتِع = George is happy and fun سام سَعيد = Sam is happy بوب سَعيد = Bob is happy بوب مُتَرجِم = Bob is a translator دُوو مُمتِع = Duo is fun سام دُكتور = Sam is a doctor

LESSON 5 WORDS دَوود = David (male name) عُمَر = Omar (male name) تامِر = Tamer (male name) عَرَبِيّ = Arab/Arabic (masculine) جَيِّد = good (masculine) سَريع = fast (masculine) ذَكِيّ = smart (masculine)

SOME SENTENCES زَيد عَرَبِيّ = Zayd is Arab سام دُكتور جَيِّد = Sam is a good doctor تامِر عَرَبِيّ = Tamer is Arab عُمَر مُتَرجِم = Omar is a translator دُوو سَريع = Duo is fast دَوود ذَكِيّ = David is smart تامِر مُتَرجِم جَيِّد = Tamer is a good translator دُوو سَريع وَذَكِيّ = Duo is fast and smart سام مُتَرجِم جَيِّد = Sam is a good translator عُمَر ذَكِيّ = Omar is smart دَوود مُمتِع = David is fun تامِر ذَكِيّ = Tamer is smart دَوود سَريع = David is fast Country 1/Countries 1

LESSON 5 WORDS أَمريكا = America عُمان = Oman (country in Middle East) تونِس = Tunisia (country in North Africa) لُبنان = Lebanon (country in Middle East) سوريا = Syria (country in Middle East) أَنا = I am مِن = from SOME SENTENCES سام مِن أَمريكا = Sam is from America أَنا مِن عُمان = I am from Oman أَنا مِن تونِس = I am from Tunisia أَنا مِن لُبنان = I am from Lebanon أَنا مِن سوريا = I am from Syria رَواد مِن عُمان = Rawad is from Oman روزا مِن سوريا = Rosa is from Syria سام مِن تونِس = Sam is from Tunisia جودي مِن لُبنان = Judy is from Lebanon زَيد وَسام مِن عُمان = Zayd and Sam are from Oman أَنا مِن أَمريكا = I am from America عُمَر مِن تونِس = Omar is from Tunisia مِن سوريا = from Syria Omar Is...

LESSON 3 شادي = Shadi (male name) سيث = Seth (male name) أَمريكِيّ = American لُبنانِيّ = Lebanese عُمانِيّ = Omani سورِيّ = Syrian تونِسِيّ = Tunisian SOME SENTENCES أَنا شادي = I am Shadi عُمَر سورِيّ = Omar is Syrian تامِر أَمريكِيّ عَرَبِيّ = Tamar is Arab American دَوود عُمانِيّ = David is Omani أَنا سيث = I am Seth زَيد لُبنانِيّ = Zayd is Lebanese جورج تونِسِيّ = George is Tunisian عُمَر أَمريكِيّ عُمانِيّ = Omar is Omani American شادي تونِسِيّ = Shadi is Tunisian بوب لُبنانِيّ = Bob is Lebanese تامِر أَمريكِيّ سورِيّ = Tamar is Syrian American سيث مُتَرجِم أَمريكِيّ = Seth is an American translator رَواد سورِيّ = Rawad is Syrian شادي مُتَرجِم عُمانِيّ = Shadi is an Omani translator شادي دُكتور سورِيّ = Shadi is a Syrian doctor دَوود تونِسِيّ = David is Tunisian زَيد أَمريكِيّ تونِسِيّ = Zayd is Tunisian American سيث لُبنانِيّ = Seth is Lebanese

LESSON 5 WORDS عِنْد = has/have جَميل = pretty

SOME SENTENCES عِنْد عُمَر بَيْت = Omar has a house عِنْد جورْج بَيْت جَديد = George has a new house عِنْد روزا جاكيت = Rosa has a jacket يْت جَديد جَميل = a pretty new house عِنْد تامِر بَيْت = Tamar has a house عِنْد جودي جاكيت = Judy has a jacket عِنْد شادي كَراج كَبير = Shadi has a big garage عِنْد كَري كَراج = Carrie has a garage عِنْد شادي كَراج كَبير = Shadi has a big garage جاكيت جَميل = a pretty jacket عِنْد جودي بَيْت = Judy has a house عِنْد روزا كَراج = Rosa has a garage عِنْد جورْج باب جَميل = George has a pretty door عِنْد تامِر وَكَري بَيْت = Tamer and Carrie have a house عِنْد شادي بَيْت = Shadi has a house عِنْد جودي جاكيت = Judy has a jacket عِنْد تامِر بَيْت = Tamer has a house Contry 2/Countries 2

LESSON 4 WORDS إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ = Scottish (someone from Scotland) إِسْكُتْلَنْدا = Scotland (country part of the UK) كَنَدِيّ = Canadian (someone from Canada) كَنَدا = Canada (North American country) إِنْجِليزِيّ = English (someone from England) إِنْجِلْتِرا = England (country in the UK) هولَنْدا = Holland (country in Europe)

SOME SENTENCES زَيْد إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ = Zayd is Scottish عُمَر كَنَدِيّ = Omar is Canadian روزا مِن كَنَدا = Rosa is from Canada بوب مِن إِنْجِلْتِرا = Bob is from England بيرو وَهولَنْدا = Peru and Holland جورْج إِنْجِليزِيّ = George is English جودي مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا = Judy is from Scotland دَوود كَنَدِيّ إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ = David is Scottish Canadian كَنَدا وَأَمْريكا = Canada and America زَيْد مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا = Zayd is from Scotland كَري مِن هولَنْدا = Carrie is from Holland رَواد كَنَدِيّ وَإِنْجِليزِيّ = Rawad is Canadian and English تامِر مِن هولَنْدا = Tamer is from Holland عُمَر إِنْجِليزِيّ = Omar is English Phrases

LESSON 3 WORDS أَهْلاً = hello يا = hey تَماماً = absolutely/exactly شُكْراً = thank you عَفْواً = you're welcome فَريد = Farid (male name) مَها = Maha (female name)

SOME SENTENCES أَهْلاً يا جودي = Hello Judy أَهْلاً يا فَريد = Hello Farid أَهْلاً يا رَواد = Hello Rawad عَفْواً يا مَها = You're welcome Maha عَفْواً يا فَريد = You're welcome Farid شُكْراً يا بوب = Thank you, Bob شُكْراً يا فَريد = Thank you, Farid شُكْراً يا مَها = Thank you, Maha تَماماً يا مَها = Absolutely, Maha تَماماً يا فَريد = Absolutely, Farid تَماماً يا زَيْد = Absolutely, Zayd

LESSON 5 WORDS أَلْمانْيا = Germany فَرَنْسا = France أُسْتُرالْيا = Australia أَيْن = where أَنْتَ = you are (male) أَنْتِ = you are (female)

SOME SENTENCES روزا مِن أُسْتُرالْيا = Rosa is from Australia أَيْن جورْج يا بوب؟ = Where is George, Bob? أَنْتِ كَري = You are Carrie مِن أَيْن أَنْتِ يا جودي؟ = Where are you from, Judy? أَنْتَ سيث = You are Seth مِن أَيْن أَنْتَ يا دَوود؟ = Where are you from, David? أَنْتَ مِن أَلْمانْيا يا دَوود = You are from Germany David رَواد مِن فَرَنْسا = Rawad is from France أَنْتِ مِن أُسْتُرالْيا يا كَري = You are from Australia, Carrie أَيْن أَنْتِ يا جودي؟ = What are you from, Judy? أَيْن كَري؟ = Where is Carrie? كَري مِن أَلْمانْيا يا روز = Carrie is from Germany, Rosa أَنْتَ مِن فَرَنْسا يا سام = You are from France, Sam أَنْتِ مِن فَرَنْسا يا روزا = You are from France, Rosa تامِر مِن أُسْتُرالْيا = Tamer is from Australia أَنا مِن أَلْمانْيا = I am from Germany أَنْتِ جودي = You are Judy مِن أَيْن أَنْتَ يا بوب؟ = Where are you from, Bob? Descrip. 3/Descriptions 3

LESSON 2 WORDS رَجُل = man اِمْرَأة = woman وَلَد = boy بِنْت = girl ذَكِيّة = smart (female) عَرَبِيّة = Arab (female) أَمْريكِيّة = American (female)

SOME SENTENCES رَجُل أَمْريكِيّ = an American man رَجُل أَمْريكِيّ عَرَبِيّ = an Arab American man وَلَد ذَكِيّ = a smart boy وَلَد أَمْريكِيّ = an American boy بِنْت ذَكِيّة = a smart girl اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة ذَكِيّة = a smart Arab woman اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة وَامْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة = an Arab woman and an American woman بِنْت ذَكِيّة وَوَلَد ذَكِيّ = a smart girl and a smart boy رَجُل سورِيّ = a Syrian man بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة = a smart American girl بِنْت عَرَبِيّة = an Arab girl اِمْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة = a smart American woman

LESSON 4 WORDS رانْيا = Rania (female name) مايْك = Mike (male name) سامْية = Samia (female name) أُسْتاذ = professor (male) أُسْتاذة = professor (female) دُكْتورة = doctor (female) مُمْتازة = amazing (female) LESSON 4 SENTENCES جودي بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة مُمْتازة = Judy is an amazing American girl رانْيا امْرَأة عَرَبِيّة = Rania is an Arab woman جودي بِنْت مُمْتازة = Judy is an amazing girl مايْك رَجُل عادي = Mike is a regular man جورْج أُسْتاذ وَمُتَرْجِم = George is a professor and a translator سامْية بِنْت = Samia is a girl سامْية دُكْتورة أَمْريكِيّة عَرَبِيّة = Samia is an Arab American doctor كَري أُسْتاذة أَمْريكِيّة = Carrie is an American professor بوب أُسْتاذ كَنَدِيّ عَرَبِيّ = Bob is an Arab Canadian professor رانْيا دُكْتورة وَأُسْتاذة = Rania is a doctor and a professor LESSON 5 WORDS عَلي = Ali (male name) بَشير = Bashir (male name) جَيِّدة = good (female) تونِسِيّة = Tunisian (female) سورِيّة = Syrian (female) مُتَرْجِمة = translator (female) سَريعة = fast (female)

SOME SENTENCES عَلي مُتَرْجِم سورِيّ سَريع = Ali is a fast Syrian translator بَشير دُكْتور جَيِّد وَسَريع = Bashir is a good and fast doctor سامْية دُكْتورة أَمْريكِيّة جَيِّدة = Samia is a good American doctor جودي امْرَأة تونِسِيّة = Judy is a Tunisian woman جودي أُسْتاذة تونِسِيّة = Judy is a Tunisian professor بِنْت سورِيّة = a Syrian girl رانْيا مُتَرْجِمة سَريعة وَجَيِّدة = Rania is a fast and good translator رانْيا مُتَرْجِمة سَريعة = Rania is a fast translator روزا امْرَأة سورِيّة = Rosa is a Syrian woman عَلي مُتَرْجِم سورِيّ مُمْتاز = Ali is an amazing Syrian translator بَشير تونِسِيّ = Bashir is Tunisian You and Me

LESSON 2 WORDS غَريب = weird (male) غَريبة = weird (female) مُعَلِّم = teacher (male) مُعَلِّمة = teacher (female) جَوْعان = hungry (male) جَوْعانة = hungry (female) جِدّاً = very

SOME SENTENCES أَنْتِ ذَكِيّة جِدّاً يا أُسْتاذة = You are very smart, professor أَنا رَجُل غَريب = I am a weird man أَنا امْرَأة غَريبة = I am a weird woman أَنْتَ رَجُل غَريب يا مايْك = You are a weird man, Mike أَنْتِ امْرَأة غَريبة يا كَري = You are a weird woman Carrie أَنْتَ غَريب يا عَلي = You are weird, Ali أَنْتَ غَريب يا دَوود = You are weird, David أَنْتِ غَريبة يا سامْية = You are weird, Samia أَنْتَ غَريب جِدّاً يا دَوود = You are very weird, David أَنْتَ مُعَلِّم يا سام = You are a teacher, Sam أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة يا جودي = You are a teacher, Judy أَنْتَ مُعَلِّم جَيِّد يا سام = You are a good teacher, Sam أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة ذَكِيّة يا كَري = You are a smart teacher, Carrie أَنا عُمَر وَأَنا مُعَلِّم = I am Omar and I am a teacher أَنا روزا وَأَنا مُعَلِّمة = I am Rosa and I am a teacher أَنا عُمَر وَأَنا جَوْعان = I am Omar and I am hungry أَنا رانْيا وَأَنا جَوْعانة جِدّاً = I am Rania and I am very hungry أَنْتَ جَوْعان يا بوب = You are hungry, Bob أَنْتَ جَوْعان يا مايْك = You are hungry, Mike أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا روزا = You are hungry, Rosa أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا أُسْتاذة سامْية = You are hungry, Professor Samia أَنْتِ جَوْعانة جِدّاً يا روزا = You are very hungry, Rosa

LESSON 3 WORDS هُوَّ = he is هِيَّ = she is باريس = Paris أَمْسْتِرْدام = Amsterdam فَرَنْسِيّ = French (male) فَرَنْسِيّة = French (female) هولَنْدِيّ = Dutch (male)

SOME SENTENCES سيث هولَنْدِيّ = Seth is Dutch هِيَّ مُعَلِّمة = She is a teacher هِيَّ أُسْتاذة مِن باريس = She is a professor from Paris جودي سورِيّة فَرَنْسِيّة = Judy is French Syrian بوب مُعَلِّم فَرَنْسِيّ = Bob is a French teacher عَلي مُتَرْجِم فَرَنْسِيّ = Ali is a French translator هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن أَمْسْتِرْدام = He is Dutch from Amsterdam هُوَّ مِن باريس = He is from Paris هُوَّ دُكْتور هولَنْدِيّ غَريب = He is a weird Dutch doctor هِيَّ مِن أَمْسْتِرْدام = She is from Amsterdam

LESSON 5 WORDS هَل = starting word of a yes/no question (as described in the tips and notes) جَديدة = new مُهَنْدِسة = engineer (male) مُهَنْدِس = engineer (female) أَرْوى = Arwa (female name) غَسّان = Ghassan (male name) لَمى = Lama (female name)

SOME SENTENCES أَرْوى جَوْعانة = Arwa is hungry غَسّان إِنْجِليزِيّ لُبْنانِيّ = Ghassan is Lebanese English غَسّان مُهَنْدِس لُبْنانِيّ = Ghassan is a Lebanese engineer هَل غَسّان مُهَنْدِس هولَنْدِيّ؟ = Is Ghassan a Dutch engineer? هَل جودي جَديدة؟ = Is Judy new? هَل لَمى مُهَنْدِسة سَريعة؟ = Is Lama a fast engineer? أَرْوى مُهَنْدِسة غَريبة = Awra is a weird engineer هَل لَمى مُهَنْدِسة جَديدة؟ = Is Lama a new engineer? أَرْوى أُسْتاذة سورِيّة = Arwa is a Syrian professor لَمى مُهَنْدِسة جَديدة = Lama is a new engineer

July 17, 2019



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