All the words and phrases you'll need for Checkpoint two!

Hi there! I thought it'd be useful to post of all the words and sentences (at least all that I encountered) taught from the 1st to the 2nd checkpoint, seeing as how popular my last post was ( Hope you find this helpful! Let me know below! And please let me know if there are any mistakes as I'm not a native Arabic speaker. Thanks! :-)

I've also added all the words taught to the Duolingo wiki. Feel free to take a look at that as well as I've done the words up to and including Hobbies 1:

Descrip. 2/Descriptions 2 LESSON 1 WORDS سام = Sam (male name) زَيد = Zayd (male name) دُوو = Duo (name of the Duolingo mascot) دُكتور = doctor (masculine) سَعيد = happy (masculine) مُمتِع = fun (masculine) مُتَرجِم = translator (masculine)

SOME SENTENCES جورج مُمتِع = George is fun جورج مُتَرجِم = George is a translator سام جَديد = Sam is new دُوو مُمتاز = Duo is amazing جورج سَعيد وَمُمتِع = George is happy and fun سام سَعيد = Sam is happy بوب سَعيد = Bob is happy بوب مُتَرجِم = Bob is a translator دُوو مُمتِع = Duo is fun سام دُكتور = Sam is a doctor

LESSON 5 WORDS دَوود = David (male name) عُمَر = Omar (male name) تامِر = Tamer (male name) عَرَبِيّ = Arab/Arabic (masculine) جَيِّد = good (masculine) سَريع = fast (masculine) ذَكِيّ = smart (masculine)

SOME SENTENCES زَيد عَرَبِيّ = Zayd is Arab سام دُكتور جَيِّد = Sam is a good doctor تامِر عَرَبِيّ = Tamer is Arab عُمَر مُتَرجِم = Omar is a translator دُوو سَريع = Duo is fast دَوود ذَكِيّ = David is smart تامِر مُتَرجِم جَيِّد = Tamer is a good translator دُوو سَريع وَذَكِيّ = Duo is fast and smart سام مُتَرجِم جَيِّد = Sam is a good translator عُمَر ذَكِيّ = Omar is smart دَوود مُمتِع = David is fun تامِر ذَكِيّ = Tamer is smart دَوود سَريع = David is fast Country 1/Countries 1

LESSON 5 WORDS أَمريكا = America عُمان = Oman (country in Middle East) تونِس = Tunisia (country in North Africa) لُبنان = Lebanon (country in Middle East) سوريا = Syria (country in Middle East) أَنا = I am مِن = from SOME SENTENCES سام مِن أَمريكا = Sam is from America أَنا مِن عُمان = I am from Oman أَنا مِن تونِس = I am from Tunisia أَنا مِن لُبنان = I am from Lebanon أَنا مِن سوريا = I am from Syria رَواد مِن عُمان = Rawad is from Oman روزا مِن سوريا = Rosa is from Syria سام مِن تونِس = Sam is from Tunisia جودي مِن لُبنان = Judy is from Lebanon زَيد وَسام مِن عُمان = Zayd and Sam are from Oman أَنا مِن أَمريكا = I am from America عُمَر مِن تونِس = Omar is from Tunisia مِن سوريا = from Syria Omar Is...

LESSON 3 شادي = Shadi (male name) سيث = Seth (male name) أَمريكِيّ = American لُبنانِيّ = Lebanese عُمانِيّ = Omani سورِيّ = Syrian تونِسِيّ = Tunisian SOME SENTENCES أَنا شادي = I am Shadi عُمَر سورِيّ = Omar is Syrian تامِر أَمريكِيّ عَرَبِيّ = Tamar is Arab American دَوود عُمانِيّ = David is Omani أَنا سيث = I am Seth زَيد لُبنانِيّ = Zayd is Lebanese جورج تونِسِيّ = George is Tunisian عُمَر أَمريكِيّ عُمانِيّ = Omar is Omani American شادي تونِسِيّ = Shadi is Tunisian بوب لُبنانِيّ = Bob is Lebanese تامِر أَمريكِيّ سورِيّ = Tamar is Syrian American سيث مُتَرجِم أَمريكِيّ = Seth is an American translator رَواد سورِيّ = Rawad is Syrian شادي مُتَرجِم عُمانِيّ = Shadi is an Omani translator شادي دُكتور سورِيّ = Shadi is a Syrian doctor دَوود تونِسِيّ = David is Tunisian زَيد أَمريكِيّ تونِسِيّ = Zayd is Tunisian American سيث لُبنانِيّ = Seth is Lebanese

LESSON 5 WORDS عِنْد = has/have جَميل = pretty

SOME SENTENCES عِنْد عُمَر بَيْت = Omar has a house عِنْد جورْج بَيْت جَديد = George has a new house عِنْد روزا جاكيت = Rosa has a jacket يْت جَديد جَميل = a pretty new house عِنْد تامِر بَيْت = Tamar has a house عِنْد جودي جاكيت = Judy has a jacket عِنْد شادي كَراج كَبير = Shadi has a big garage عِنْد كَري كَراج = Carrie has a garage عِنْد شادي كَراج كَبير = Shadi has a big garage جاكيت جَميل = a pretty jacket عِنْد جودي بَيْت = Judy has a house عِنْد روزا كَراج = Rosa has a garage عِنْد جورْج باب جَميل = George has a pretty door عِنْد تامِر وَكَري بَيْت = Tamer and Carrie have a house عِنْد شادي بَيْت = Shadi has a house عِنْد جودي جاكيت = Judy has a jacket عِنْد تامِر بَيْت = Tamer has a house Contry 2/Countries 2

LESSON 4 WORDS إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ = Scottish (someone from Scotland) إِسْكُتْلَنْدا = Scotland (country part of the UK) كَنَدِيّ = Canadian (someone from Canada) كَنَدا = Canada (North American country) إِنْجِليزِيّ = English (someone from England) إِنْجِلْتِرا = England (country in the UK) هولَنْدا = Holland (country in Europe)

SOME SENTENCES زَيْد إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ = Zayd is Scottish عُمَر كَنَدِيّ = Omar is Canadian روزا مِن كَنَدا = Rosa is from Canada بوب مِن إِنْجِلْتِرا = Bob is from England بيرو وَهولَنْدا = Peru and Holland جورْج إِنْجِليزِيّ = George is English جودي مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا = Judy is from Scotland دَوود كَنَدِيّ إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ = David is Scottish Canadian كَنَدا وَأَمْريكا = Canada and America زَيْد مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا = Zayd is from Scotland كَري مِن هولَنْدا = Carrie is from Holland رَواد كَنَدِيّ وَإِنْجِليزِيّ = Rawad is Canadian and English تامِر مِن هولَنْدا = Tamer is from Holland عُمَر إِنْجِليزِيّ = Omar is English Phrases

LESSON 3 WORDS أَهْلاً = hello يا = hey تَماماً = absolutely/exactly شُكْراً = thank you عَفْواً = you're welcome فَريد = Farid (male name) مَها = Maha (female name)

SOME SENTENCES أَهْلاً يا جودي = Hello Judy أَهْلاً يا فَريد = Hello Farid أَهْلاً يا رَواد = Hello Rawad عَفْواً يا مَها = You're welcome Maha عَفْواً يا فَريد = You're welcome Farid شُكْراً يا بوب = Thank you, Bob شُكْراً يا فَريد = Thank you, Farid شُكْراً يا مَها = Thank you, Maha تَماماً يا مَها = Absolutely, Maha تَماماً يا فَريد = Absolutely, Farid تَماماً يا زَيْد = Absolutely, Zayd

LESSON 5 WORDS أَلْمانْيا = Germany فَرَنْسا = France أُسْتُرالْيا = Australia أَيْن = where أَنْتَ = you are (male) أَنْتِ = you are (female)

SOME SENTENCES روزا مِن أُسْتُرالْيا = Rosa is from Australia أَيْن جورْج يا بوب؟ = Where is George, Bob? أَنْتِ كَري = You are Carrie مِن أَيْن أَنْتِ يا جودي؟ = Where are you from, Judy? أَنْتَ سيث = You are Seth مِن أَيْن أَنْتَ يا دَوود؟ = Where are you from, David? أَنْتَ مِن أَلْمانْيا يا دَوود = You are from Germany David رَواد مِن فَرَنْسا = Rawad is from France أَنْتِ مِن أُسْتُرالْيا يا كَري = You are from Australia, Carrie أَيْن أَنْتِ يا جودي؟ = What are you from, Judy? أَيْن كَري؟ = Where is Carrie? كَري مِن أَلْمانْيا يا روز = Carrie is from Germany, Rosa أَنْتَ مِن فَرَنْسا يا سام = You are from France, Sam أَنْتِ مِن فَرَنْسا يا روزا = You are from France, Rosa تامِر مِن أُسْتُرالْيا = Tamer is from Australia أَنا مِن أَلْمانْيا = I am from Germany أَنْتِ جودي = You are Judy مِن أَيْن أَنْتَ يا بوب؟ = Where are you from, Bob? Descrip. 3/Descriptions 3

LESSON 2 WORDS رَجُل = man اِمْرَأة = woman وَلَد = boy بِنْت = girl ذَكِيّة = smart (female) عَرَبِيّة = Arab (female) أَمْريكِيّة = American (female)

SOME SENTENCES رَجُل أَمْريكِيّ = an American man رَجُل أَمْريكِيّ عَرَبِيّ = an Arab American man وَلَد ذَكِيّ = a smart boy وَلَد أَمْريكِيّ = an American boy بِنْت ذَكِيّة = a smart girl اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة ذَكِيّة = a smart Arab woman اِمْرَأة عَرَبِيّة وَامْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة = an Arab woman and an American woman بِنْت ذَكِيّة وَوَلَد ذَكِيّ = a smart girl and a smart boy رَجُل سورِيّ = a Syrian man بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة = a smart American girl بِنْت عَرَبِيّة = an Arab girl اِمْرَأة أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة = a smart American woman

LESSON 4 WORDS رانْيا = Rania (female name) مايْك = Mike (male name) سامْية = Samia (female name) أُسْتاذ = professor (male) أُسْتاذة = professor (female) دُكْتورة = doctor (female) مُمْتازة = amazing (female) LESSON 4 SENTENCES جودي بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة مُمْتازة = Judy is an amazing American girl رانْيا امْرَأة عَرَبِيّة = Rania is an Arab woman جودي بِنْت مُمْتازة = Judy is an amazing girl مايْك رَجُل عادي = Mike is a regular man جورْج أُسْتاذ وَمُتَرْجِم = George is a professor and a translator سامْية بِنْت = Samia is a girl سامْية دُكْتورة أَمْريكِيّة عَرَبِيّة = Samia is an Arab American doctor كَري أُسْتاذة أَمْريكِيّة = Carrie is an American professor بوب أُسْتاذ كَنَدِيّ عَرَبِيّ = Bob is an Arab Canadian professor رانْيا دُكْتورة وَأُسْتاذة = Rania is a doctor and a professor LESSON 5 WORDS عَلي = Ali (male name) بَشير = Bashir (male name) جَيِّدة = good (female) تونِسِيّة = Tunisian (female) سورِيّة = Syrian (female) مُتَرْجِمة = translator (female) سَريعة = fast (female)

SOME SENTENCES عَلي مُتَرْجِم سورِيّ سَريع = Ali is a fast Syrian translator بَشير دُكْتور جَيِّد وَسَريع = Bashir is a good and fast doctor سامْية دُكْتورة أَمْريكِيّة جَيِّدة = Samia is a good American doctor جودي امْرَأة تونِسِيّة = Judy is a Tunisian woman جودي أُسْتاذة تونِسِيّة = Judy is a Tunisian professor بِنْت سورِيّة = a Syrian girl رانْيا مُتَرْجِمة سَريعة وَجَيِّدة = Rania is a fast and good translator رانْيا مُتَرْجِمة سَريعة = Rania is a fast translator روزا امْرَأة سورِيّة = Rosa is a Syrian woman عَلي مُتَرْجِم سورِيّ مُمْتاز = Ali is an amazing Syrian translator بَشير تونِسِيّ = Bashir is Tunisian You and Me

LESSON 2 WORDS غَريب = weird (male) غَريبة = weird (female) مُعَلِّم = teacher (male) مُعَلِّمة = teacher (female) جَوْعان = hungry (male) جَوْعانة = hungry (female) جِدّاً = very

SOME SENTENCES أَنْتِ ذَكِيّة جِدّاً يا أُسْتاذة = You are very smart, professor أَنا رَجُل غَريب = I am a weird man أَنا امْرَأة غَريبة = I am a weird woman أَنْتَ رَجُل غَريب يا مايْك = You are a weird man, Mike أَنْتِ امْرَأة غَريبة يا كَري = You are a weird woman Carrie أَنْتَ غَريب يا عَلي = You are weird, Ali أَنْتَ غَريب يا دَوود = You are weird, David أَنْتِ غَريبة يا سامْية = You are weird, Samia أَنْتَ غَريب جِدّاً يا دَوود = You are very weird, David أَنْتَ مُعَلِّم يا سام = You are a teacher, Sam أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة يا جودي = You are a teacher, Judy أَنْتَ مُعَلِّم جَيِّد يا سام = You are a good teacher, Sam أَنْتِ مُعَلِّمة ذَكِيّة يا كَري = You are a smart teacher, Carrie أَنا عُمَر وَأَنا مُعَلِّم = I am Omar and I am a teacher أَنا روزا وَأَنا مُعَلِّمة = I am Rosa and I am a teacher أَنا عُمَر وَأَنا جَوْعان = I am Omar and I am hungry أَنا رانْيا وَأَنا جَوْعانة جِدّاً = I am Rania and I am very hungry أَنْتَ جَوْعان يا بوب = You are hungry, Bob أَنْتَ جَوْعان يا مايْك = You are hungry, Mike أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا روزا = You are hungry, Rosa أَنْتِ جَوْعانة يا أُسْتاذة سامْية = You are hungry, Professor Samia أَنْتِ جَوْعانة جِدّاً يا روزا = You are very hungry, Rosa

LESSON 3 WORDS هُوَّ = he is هِيَّ = she is باريس = Paris أَمْسْتِرْدام = Amsterdam فَرَنْسِيّ = French (male) فَرَنْسِيّة = French (female) هولَنْدِيّ = Dutch (male)

SOME SENTENCES سيث هولَنْدِيّ = Seth is Dutch هِيَّ مُعَلِّمة = She is a teacher هِيَّ أُسْتاذة مِن باريس = She is a professor from Paris جودي سورِيّة فَرَنْسِيّة = Judy is French Syrian بوب مُعَلِّم فَرَنْسِيّ = Bob is a French teacher عَلي مُتَرْجِم فَرَنْسِيّ = Ali is a French translator هُوَّ هولَنْدِيّ مِن أَمْسْتِرْدام = He is Dutch from Amsterdam هُوَّ مِن باريس = He is from Paris هُوَّ دُكْتور هولَنْدِيّ غَريب = He is a weird Dutch doctor هِيَّ مِن أَمْسْتِرْدام = She is from Amsterdam

LESSON 5 WORDS هَل = starting word of a yes/no question (as described in the tips and notes) جَديدة = new مُهَنْدِسة = engineer (male) مُهَنْدِس = engineer (female) أَرْوى = Arwa (female name) غَسّان = Ghassan (male name) لَمى = Lama (female name)

SOME SENTENCES أَرْوى جَوْعانة = Arwa is hungry غَسّان إِنْجِليزِيّ لُبْنانِيّ = Ghassan is Lebanese English غَسّان مُهَنْدِس لُبْنانِيّ = Ghassan is a Lebanese engineer هَل غَسّان مُهَنْدِس هولَنْدِيّ؟ = Is Ghassan a Dutch engineer? هَل جودي جَديدة؟ = Is Judy new? هَل لَمى مُهَنْدِسة سَريعة؟ = Is Lama a fast engineer? أَرْوى مُهَنْدِسة غَريبة = Awra is a weird engineer هَل لَمى مُهَنْدِسة جَديدة؟ = Is Lama a new engineer? أَرْوى أُسْتاذة سورِيّة = Arwa is a Syrian professor لَمى مُهَنْدِسة جَديدة = Lama is a new engineer

July 17, 2019


شُكْراً for this post! It is wonderful to see all the vocabulary and sentences with the lessons, it is very helpful :)

July 17, 2019

Thank you Anna!

Studying your notes and then doing the lessons is much more efficient than DuoLingo’s setup.

Look at how little info we are getting for the amount of time this interface forces us to spend.

I like to spend 80-90% of my time studying and 10-20% using duolingo to test progress.

We need to read the tips and notes and keep our own notebooks, as Anna_Lang is doing, to make this system work

July 17, 2019

I agree :)

July 18, 2019

Very long :---------------------(

July 17, 2019

Thanks a bunch!

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