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Arabic course

I found out today that the Arabic course is ready, I am utterly happy about that, over the moon. I have been trying to learn Arabic by myself for a couple of years, now I very much look forward to do it with Duolingo. Happy happy happy :)

July 17, 2019



I'm a little over two weeks into the course and I love it!

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It's great. Be prepared for a lot of repetition learning the alphabet using artificial sequences of letters, which suited me personally but you may be able to test out early from some of these.


Lots of repetition and then also lots of chances to see how the slight variations can be a 'gotcha'. I started Skipping some. But I am also doing a practice everyday on the skills I mastered.


I too have tried to study it on my own but learned only 1 thing..... Alif. And I think I really learned that from the novel Alif the Unseen :).


good luck, I wish you success


HI all, me too. Very glad to see Arabic here. I did it a while ago (!) and feel the desire to get back into it. Congrats to DuoLingo for getting it together!


Eh, it's too short of a tree.


Oh yes, it is really short, I hope they expand it like they have done with other courses too.

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