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Could we please have stories on the go?

I've been just recently using stories for German and French and found them great. Repetition is key to fluency, so it would be amazing if we could listen to them repeatedly, just to retain the dialogues.

It could be a playlist in the app or something like that, that we could rapidly put to play, with no regards to any XP or lingot, just to practice.

July 17, 2019



It would be nice to have it on the app. Fortunately, I tested them on my mobile browser and had little issues with it.


Sure, it's great that it works on mobile browser. My suggestion was to download the audios to the app, so we could just listen to the stories, without answering again. So we could listen to them while walking, travelling, exercising...


Yes, it's a great idea. And it's one of the best ways to learn languages faster. One upvote for you, my friend :)


YES!! I really, truly want the stories in the app! I also want the ability to use the keyboard on all exercises in the app instead of just on desktop. I feel this challenges me more than just having the word bank available. I know it's more of a 'b' on the phone's keyboard, as compared to typing in a foreign language on a regular keyboard, but in my opinion that's my choice to make!


Great idea! Also because there used to be an option on the site to have continuous play after having done the story but the option was removed, for lack of use it seems. I had actually recorded a lot of the Portuguese stories and edited the audio to remove the sounds so I could play them on loop on my cellphone, and even though I have worked with audio daily for over 16 years, it does take forever to do.


Sounds like a good idea. I would like to have stories on Vietnamese. Unfortunately, a good person put up some stories about the time Duolingo was hit with the bots three months ago and had it downvoted in quick order. A few days ago, I informed a mod to get rid of the bot still there and the bot is gone but down votes still there. I would be thankful if a few could go there and upvote to restore it to the rest of the Vietnamese community. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31536950

Thanks much for considering it.


@Songve I gave an upvote as well. By the way, although you often troll a little on posts (even on mine once), I actually find it amusing.


this would be very helpful and handy!!!!


yeah i like that idea!!!!


Yes, it would be useful.


I agree. Please add stories to the app on the next update.


I like this idea as well. Though, personally, I'd like stories for Chinese and Norwegian =(


well even having em on chinese would be a start...


I don't know why, but there are resources the app doesn't have that the site does and vice versa. I think it's a matter of work in progress tho, and I hope that the team from Duolingo update the app soon, because I mostly use the app.


I was just thinking the same thing. Now that they got rid of Immersion, that makes the Stories more important. Some people, such as myself, aren't always near a computer and would like to get more use out of the Stories.


Good idea. The podcasts seem to be the only thing available, not the stories at the moment


Yes! I would keep on paying premium just to have that.


Agree! I like to listen to them, them repeat the phrases to practice my pronunciation. Why not give them a little more useful life span?


you can download them on spotify if you have it :)


@ross374940 I think you might be refering to duolingo podcast, because that's the only thing I could find.


Yeah, the podcasts are also available on Soundcloud, couldn't find the stories to download


Can I? How do I do it?

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