Danish and German natives/ just learners wanted

Hi, guys! I'm looking for people, who I can speak German and a bit Danish with. I've started learning Danish only about 2 weeks ago and sometimes have problems with pronunciation. So, if you're such a linguofan as I am, write me something :)

My mothertongue is Ukrainian as well as Russian. If you learn these, I could help with some difficult moments.

July 17, 2019


I think sometimes the danish pronouncation is a bit tricky, but don't care so much about that. Listen to the danish spoken sentences in duolingo. Once you 'll get the right sound in your mind and later on you are going to be better and better by speaking it. Mit Deutsch k├Ânnte ich dir helfen, mit russisch stehe ich noch ganz am Anfang. Vielleicht hilft ja ein Motivationslingot ;-)

July 25, 2019

German is my mother tongue and as I grew up close to the danish border, I learned some danish in school. I'm trying to improve it using duolingo.

July 25, 2019
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