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  5. "جودي مِن تونِس."

"جودي مِن تونِس."

Translation:Judy is from Tunisia.

July 17, 2019



If you type "Judy is from Tunis" you get it wrong but technically it could be a correct answer as Tunis is a city in Tunisia.

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I think if they mean the city they would add: من مدينة تونس instead.

Besides, I think the proper vowel for Tunisia is: تونُس Túnus.


No, it's spelled the same way, both the city and the country Tunis, with kasra - تونِس.

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I know. I'm saying if Duolingo wants to point to the city, they would have added (مدينة) before (تونس), because even though in Arabic both names the same, in English the two aren't. In English, the country is Tunisia, while the city is Tunis.


I was talking about the spelling of either the city or the country in Arabic. Both are spelled the same, with the same vowel.


What is even the connection between this case and the spelling?


İf you are talking about the sound of "Judy" it should not have a case ending here, thus it is pronounced wrongly here

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