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  5. "هٰذا كَراج واسِع جِدّاً."

"هٰذا كَراج واسِع جِدّاً."

Translation:This is a very spacious garage.

July 17, 2019



Sorry, confused how to say this vs "this garage is very spacious"

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"this garage..." would start like: هذا الكراج (with AL added).

Bonus, the proper name for garage in MSA should be: مرآب (Mir'aab), but i guess they have used the most common word used in daily life here


hadhaa = mubtada2; karaajun = khabar; wasii'un = na3at min khabar; jiddan = Haal.

That's why it is "This is a very spacious garage".

(Edit: again and again, I got a downvote without any feedback for a legitimate comment. I cannot stay here. It is too painful.)


supposed to be tricky ??

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