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French language games

I just found a site with basic games to acquire french vocabulary. Duolingo is awesome but I usually complement it with memrise and about.french.com . This new site has made the cut as well and will become part of my daily routine.


June 11, 2014



I look forward to trying this out, thanks for sharing :D


Thank you! This is really helpful, especially for Numbers, 12-20. :)


Nice. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for this link, it just gave me a huge motivational kick. I just did vocab builder 1 and fruits and I found it too easy. I still can't believe it myself. I'll go on and do all the other games and than continue with the advanced lessons. But this is so awesome, I wouldn't have thought, that duo had moved to this skill level already. Thank you for this boost.


Great site thanks for sharing.


This is a great site. Thank you.


cool i will check it out.


thanks this will be helpfull


Wow! It's a good site. It does make you learn real fast though. I played a game and it's pretty good.


Thanks for this! I've only been at it a week, but look forward to jumping on it! Question, for any of you, does it make it confusing by learning from other sites at the same time?


no it isn't at all. Each site has its own approach and we have different learning styles, if you use more it will help you. Of course some could be more suitable for you. I find busuu very useful, motivating and easy. Try it. I have just started Ma France BBC,. It's for intermediate students but I think you are ready or almost since you are level 5. If you want to practice you can see EXTRA French videos on You tube. Young people love them. They are relaxing sitcoms. Try and let me know. Bye


Thank you! I'll check out busuu & also YouTube videos!


Great! Thank you very much! Gave you a few lingots!


Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for that great ressource! I've added it to this page of the unofficial wiki for Duolingo.


I'll go now. I find useful also busuu, and Ma France BBC Thanks bye

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