when is the short a pronounced?

sorry if this noob question has been asked before, but how do I know when to pronounce the hidden short a ?

example: औरत aurat the ra is pronounced. I guess the ta is not because it comes last

आढमी aadamee, the d and m are not half letters but the da is silent for some reason, it’s more like there a rule I have missed?

July 18, 2019

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The short 'a' is always deleted at the end of a word. In the middle of a word, it is deleted if the following consonant is associated with a vowel that is not deleted. The second rule has quite a few exceptions though.

For example, in औरत, the 'a' associated with त is deleted because it is at the end of the word. The 'a' associated with र is pronounced because the succeeding consonant (त) is not associated with a vowel (since the 'a' has been deleted).

In आदमी (not आढमी), the 'a' associated with द is deleted because the succeeding consonat (मी) is associated with a vowel (ई).

July 18, 2019

Hi @Vinay, thank you for explaining this to me, and also for correcting my mistake

July 21, 2019

all my questions were answered here:

July 18, 2019
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