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"Traveling to the Mediterranean Sea from my city is easy."

Translation:اَلْسَّفَر إِلى ٱلْبَحْر اَلْأَبْيَض اَلْمُتَوَسِّط مِن مَدينَتي سَهْل.

July 18, 2019



When we click for the correct answer, our answer is deleted and we do not see what we did wrong. Could your computer technicians attend to this?


The course contributors do not make those decisions. You need to contact the powers that be at Duo outside the sentence discussions and outside the Arabic language forum.


I don't understand where the word al-mutawasit comes into the picture!

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It is part of a full name: البحر الأبيض المتوسط (the white middle sea) = The Mediterranean.
The Latin or English name for the sea also includes Medi- prefix which stands for Medium or Middle.
The old name for this sea in Arabic was بحر الروم (sea of the Romans). Since Romans did occupy all the coasts of this sea (and they called it Mare Nostrum, "our sea").


Why is it سهل and not سهلة?

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Because it is an adjective referring to traveling (Al-safar: السفر), which is a masculine word. If, for example, I exchanged this word with a feminine word, let's say (Al-riHlah: الرحلة: the journey), then it would be (سهلة) because (Al-riHlah) is a feminine noun.


That makes sense! Thank you


Why is this wrong: السفر من مدينتي الى البحر البيض المتوسط سهل؟

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If Duolingo is also so picky about it, it might point to الى as a typo, as it should be إلى - but many people nowadays don't care much about Hamza (unfortunately).


I believe the answer is the 1st one but it doesn't open What can i do You want it that's why it doesn't open thanks you ate not teacher You must learn your students but you do so your students run from this lesson Shame on you.

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