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"هَل أَنْتَ مُهَنْدِس مَغْرِبِيّ يا عُمَر؟"

Translation:Are you a Moroccan engineer, Omar?

July 18, 2019



i do not see my error


I said it right, didnt capitalize morrocan


It is somewhat difficult to distinguish between the different "H" sounds, taking the TTS pronounciation quality into account. My understanding based on this course goes:

  • letter ع is mostly open "ah" with a hint of "h" before it in some cases

  • letter ه is "front h" like in "hat"

  • letter ح is like when you exhale in relief, very deep

  • letter ء sounds like when one is yawning, when standing on a line, and a glottal stop, when above ا, so it's probably more of a vowel

Anything incorrect or missing?


Typo spelling Moroccan in English as *morrocan. English is not my first language


Why is it when i have what is an obvious typo in so many answers I give, it is flagged correct but the typo is pointed out and sometimes when it is an obvious typo it is not. I know the answer. I am hoping it will be corrected. On the other hand, i might get it eight right next time anyway.

I spelled Moroccan Morracan.


my answer is right


I forgot the question mark at the end and everything else is ok...why isnt this a typo? Its put as incorrect.


Just because of a?¿¿??


My answer was right

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