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  5. "هَل تَعْرِف يا سيث؟"

"هَل تَعْرِف يا سيث؟"

Translation:Do you know, Seth?

July 18, 2019



This is a good example to show the workings of يا

Here, it effectively changes the meaning with its presence.

هل تعرف سيث؟ Do you know Seth?

هل تعرف يا سيث؟ Do you know, Seth?


Reminds me of that old joke about commas saving lives ("Let's eat grandma" vs. "Let's eat, grandma").


i wish we had a comma in the options, changes the whole sentence. I doubted myself there for a bit


This English translation is wrong. "Do you know Seth?" means do you know a person named Seth. Correct would be "Do you know, Seth?" The comma plays an essential role in determining the meaning here.


"سُيِّث"؟؟؟ كمان لفظ خاطيء!!

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