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Indonesian - word list function

Hi all,

I was really happy to find Indonesian on duo - want to learn some basics as my girlfriend is a native speaker. As I am also new to duo in general (mainly using the app) I have a (maybe stupid?) question:

Other courses seem to have the function to show a list of words already learned. This would be really helpful for me to practice vocabulary. I looked through the site and forum and i can not find it anywhere. Did I miss something or is it for Indonesian just not available ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

July 18, 2019



It is not avalable for this course and on duome it only shows like 5% of the words lmao but go here https://duome.eu/vocabulary/en/id for the few that are.


Allright. Thanks for the quick info. Really not a lot of words listed there... Seems like the language just got shortly available on duo ? At least for beginners I found some sets at tiny cards and think for now I will start with that. However it would be nice to have the list to support the courses.


If you use the browser you are able to press on the light bulb at the current lesson. there you can find all the Bahasa Indonesia words that you learn. I write down every word that I learn with the English translation.


If you create a second account as a 'teacher' you get word banks.


Create a second account and list yourself as a teacher and the teaching resources will include access to word banks.

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