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"My students are Muslims, Catholics, and Hindus."

Translation:Siswa-siswa saya ada yang beragama Islam, Katolik, dan Hindu.

July 18, 2019



Can someone explain to me this sentence structure please? "... saya ada yang..."


Indonesian is mainly a subject-prominent language, but sometimes topic-comment sentences like this crop up.

So "Siswa-siswa saya" is the topic, and the rest is the comment, which is a sentence on its own. "Ada yang" is the subject, and the rest is the predicate. A more literal English translation would be:

"As for my students, some are Muslims, (some are) Christians, and (some are) Hindus."


What about these sentences:

Material ini fungsinya untuk melindungi kepala.
The function of this material is to protect the head.

As for this material, it's function is to protect the head.<--?

Putri Salju kulitnya putih seperti salju.
Snow White's skin is white as snow.

As for Snow White, her skin is as white as snow.<--?


If you want the English sentence to follow the structure of the Indonesian sentence, you are correct. This is useful when you're learning a language to see how it works.

But of course, in the practice of translation, you don't always have to follow the structure of the original sentence. Producing a sentence that sounds most natural in the target language is important too.


Before, those 2 sentences just used to be a bunch of words written together, and I could figure out the meaning as nothing else would make sense.
Now I understand how these sentences are structured, which is very important.
Thank you :)


If I have a sentence like
"Aku ada apel."
Is "ada" just a synonym for "punya"/"milik" here, or does it mean something like:
"As for me, there is an apple (in my possession)."


"Ada" means "have" in this sentence. So it means simply "I have an apple" or "I have apples".


"Siswa-siswa saya adalah orang-orang Islam, Katolik, dan Hindu." Valid?

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