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  5. "أُمّ ذَكِيّة وَمَشْهورة"

"أُمّ ذَكِيّة وَمَشْهورة"

Translation:a smart and famous mother

July 18, 2019



Seriously?! "A famous and smart mother" is wrong but "a smart and famous mother" is right...are you ok there?!

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This is typical in Duolingo, not only on this course but for other languages as well. The order of adjectives represented is important. In fact, the order of the adjectives on various occasions to change the meaning when flipped.


I think it's because of "و" between the two words. When it's there, you have to translate in order. When it's not, you go opposite. That's what I've figured.

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with "and" و in between adjectives, it is alright to flip the adjectives because this (conjugating) article/particle works on equating the adjectives. However, when it is absent, this is when reversing might be a sensitive matter. This said, Duolingo's algorithm is a completely different story.


Dont be blame Duo. You're the one that's wrong, idiot. That's how arabic works


Could "A mother is smart and famous." be accepted?

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Not really. The sentence you've provided has a subject and a predicate; i.e. it is a full sentence. The Arabic sentence here though is a simple sentence of a noun and adjective (attributive adjective) which is attached to the noun.
The sentence you've provided would be: الأم ذكية ومشهورة - and notice how in English you've said "a mother" but in Arabic the word (Um: mother) becomes definite with AL (Al-Um), which is equivalent to "the mother" - It is better to translate by meaning and not exactly word-to-word; That's why we have a difference in definition in this word here.

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