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Arabic from English

Really enjoyable course but can we have a larger font for the Arabic please? It’s just too small given the subtle nuances of the different tashkeels. Thanks

July 18, 2019


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A lot of people are complaining about the font unfortunately. May I suggest the following:
1. If you are on PC or Laptop and using a common browser, check the settings in the browser where you can set up the font for each language to your choice, and also the size. In Firefox it can be found in: Options>General tab>Language and Appearance section>Click on Advanced and choose Arabic from the menu and see what suits you best.
2. You can, if you are on PC or Laptop, press CTRL and + to enlarge the page (if you are on Firefox, the percentage of zooming will appear in the address bar, and you can get back to normal again by clicking on it).
3. If you are on Android, check the Display settings and pick the largest size for the font.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with iOS. Hope these tips help a bit.


Hi and thanks for your comment. I am using I Pad so really need to know if there is an iOS fix.

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