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"لَيْسَ عِنْدي أَخْبار وَأَنْتَ يا جورْج؟"

Translation:I do not have news. And you, George?

July 18, 2019



What's the difference between "I do not have any news" and "I have no news"? Both should be right.

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To be honest, the whole Arabic phrase here is cumbersome. (I have no news) or (I do not have news) is more like you're asking someone about something specific (like an update about something, or news about something) and they reply with this for "No."
However, if you are asking someone in the sense of (How are you: كيف حالك) or (what's new: ما الأخبار), then the answer would be something like (لا جديد: nothing new)


"I do not have news" sounds kind of weird in English. Are they saying that nothing new is going on in their life? Are they saying they have no news to share/report about something/someone?

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