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  5. "ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا كَري؟"

"ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا كَري؟"

Translation:What is new, Carrie?

July 18, 2019



Why not also simply "what news"?

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One of the problems in this word specifically, is that (news) in English is plural by nature and to make it singular you might have to add to it, like (an item of news). In Arabic though, there is a singular (خبر: khabar) and plural (أخبار: Akhbár). Anyway, the translation here is a translation of "meaning" rather than a word to word; The word (akhbár) here is used to ask someone about anything new in their life. Hence the translation of (what's new) there.


♪ما الأخبار، يا قطة؟ وُـــ وُ وُ♪


Shouldn't the translation be What is the news?

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I guess.
Let's for Duolingo contributors to check


"What news?" or "What is the news?" in English means more "What is the news about [something]?" when you're asking specifically about some sort of event or person. "What is new?" on the other hand means "How are you?" The correct answer depends on what "Ma alakhbar?" means in Arabic ... What's new? What's going on?

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