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  5. "I'm in the bathroom!"

"I'm in the bathroom!"

Translation:puchpa'Daq jIHtaH!

July 18, 2019



"puchpa'Daq jIH" not accepted under any circumstance?


This was already an accepted translation. If you entered it and got marked wrong, you may have made some other error you didn't notice.


Thank you - that must have been it. Thanks for clearing up the confusion! I'll get there, I'll get there... :-)


As with the other pronoun-taH sentences you've commented on recently, there are no known hard-and-fast rules regarding this.


In fact, I had a discussion with Dr. Okrand about it and he said that using -taH for movable things is a tendency/preference and not a rule. It is not incorrect to use -taH with permanently stationary things' locations and it is not incorrect to leave -taH off when taking about the locations of movable things. It's going to take us a while to add those alternative translations into the course, but feel free to use the "my answer should have been accepted reports when you stubble across them.

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