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"هَل قِطّة اَلْمُهَنْدِس مِن باكو؟"

Translation:Is the engineer's cat from Baku?

July 18, 2019



Is a cat the engineer from baku? Duo has officially made me crazy enough to consider this a possible translation.


Lol I wrote "Is the cat's engineer from Baku" thinking it was some weird sentence that Duo frequently gives.


Only AI could write a sentence like this


Not many people outside of Azerbaijan know the capital of Azerbaijan. And since the TTS engine pronounces it incorrectly as "Bako," somebody could spell it "Baco" and end up with a loss of hearts for no reason. Playing the "random proper noun" game really doesn't work with a language written in an Abjad.


where is Baku?


Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, which borders Iran.


(12 Nov 2020) -- And Azerbaijan and Baku have been in the global news more than usual lately -- Azerbaijan vs Armenia war -- and especially in M.E. news, due to reports of Syrian-rebel mujaahidiin/mercenaries and Israeli provided drones and other military gear (on the Azeri side) -- so maybe it's good for anybody aspiring to read Arabic language news feeds to recognize باكو at sight -- also, BTW, Google Tran rendered Baku that way for both Arabic and Persian/Farsi --


Quite pleased that I got this without hints. Making progress!

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