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  5. "اَلْرُّطوبة عالْية الْيَوْم."

"اَلْرُّطوبة عالْية الْيَوْم."

Translation:The humidity is high today.

July 19, 2019


[deactivated user]

    "The" can be omited in this case.


    "The" should not be mandatory


    The rules for the pronunciation are confusing here with the ة. Or is Duo wrong?

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    the audio is quite screwed up. to add more, sometimes the recording is different from PC version to mobile version (i use PC here).
    Anyway.... the proper pronunciation for this should be: ar-ruTúbatu 3áliyatun al-yawm.

    To be precise: 3áliyatun-L-yawm ; The "a" of (AL-yawm) here is somewhat like a schwa or a slight (a) sound not noticeable when spoken


    humidity is high today should be counted as a correct answer


    say please, what is the difference: الْيَوْم and اليوم ?

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    usually in our everyday writing we don't use the Harakat or the vowel markers. Both words are the same but we are used to type and write without them on an advanced level. If Duolingo is considering the answer wrong for not using them, well, maybe you can report it though i don't think much will be done about it.

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