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  5. "أَبْيَض وَبُنِّيّ"

"أَبْيَض وَبُنِّيّ"

Translation:white and brown

July 19, 2019



Can someone clarify feminim rules for colors ?


If the masculine is to the binyan 2af3al, if it starts with أ and then is followed by three letters, the first of which isn't followed by a vowel, then its feminine is to the binyan fa3laa2:

  • أزرق ، زرقاء = blue

  • أخضر ، خضراء = green

  • أحمر ، حمراء = red

  • أصفر ، صفراء = yellow

But "bunniyy" simply has the same -iyy at the end of it that you find at the end of words for nationality, like you find in ingiliiziyy and 2amrikiyy (English and American). It literally means "Of or pertaining to coffee." So it's feminized like other normal words, by adding ة.


Thank you, tsuj1g1r1. Even though the marks for the vowels are missing, you deserve a lingot.


i hear أَبْيَضٌ with the ending uun , is this correct?


Yes. That is the case ending.


the dictation does not agree with the available words. Please check it out.


It seems like this is the masculine version for white 'أَبْيَض', while the dictionary gives the feminine version 'بَيضاء'.


she says "ebiat", instead of "Abiat"


"Brown and white" should be an acceptable English translation. It's more common to say it that way in English.


I was about to say that as an English speaker "white and brown" sounds horrible. Typically we alphabetize words in a sequence or list. But the objective here is to teach specific words. Thus, "brown and white" is not an acceptable translation.


Nope. We most certainly don't alphabetize words.


We don't alphabetize words in a list lol. I read the absolute craziest stuff about English in these sentence discussions. "Young and old" is more common than "old and young". Is that alphabetized? "Without rhyme or reason" is the expression not "without reason or rhyme". Is that alphabetized? Geez. Really you people are killing me.

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