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  5. "Nui nā kinona."

"Nui kinona."

Translation:There are a lot of shapes.

July 19, 2019



What is the translation for - the shapes are big?


Id think the same thing so "Nui nā kinona"


even thoug I've done this exercise many times I like to try different answers. I answered "many shapes" - was told incorrect.


Somehow DL (in lessons in many languages) seems to prefer 'a lot of' over 'many'


Why is "lots of shapes" wrong. By now I learned that there is no "to be" in the ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, but shouldn't there be something like "aia" to let me know DL wants it translated as a whole sentence as in "There are lots of shapes"?


The hint is that the descriptive word comes at the beginning of the sentence, so it's functioning like a verb. X is Y sentences work this way. A non-sentence phrase would have the adjective following the noun: nā kinona nui.

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This is a great answer. I thought it had to be translated with an implied verb purely because of the leading capital letter and the ending punctuation. I appreciate understanding the word order.

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