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"روزا دُكْتورة سورِيّة مُمْتازة."

Translation:Rosa is an amazing Syrian doctor.

July 19, 2019



why are there "-un" sound all the end of the words?

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This is called Tanwin or Nunation. In dialects they don't care about much such vowels (and barely say any) but in standard Arabic it is important. Tanwin can be considered as a marker for indefinite noun; e.g. [The (f.) doctor: الدكتورةُ : ad-duktúratu] while [a (f.) doctor: دكتورةٌ : duktúratun]. I see they didn't put the sign above the endings of the words above and the truth is when we write Arabic in daily life we don't use these vowels markers unless it is necessary to explain something or avoid confusion.
Note: Tanwin can be in all vowels; -un, -in, and -an. It depends on the grammatical status of the noun.


Isn't there another word for doctor?

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The most common word for a medical doctor is طبيب (Tabíb) - and it comes from the noun طِبْ (Tib), meaning medicine.
However, nowadays, there is a tendency to use this word only for a, let's say, general physician, while doctor is reserved for a higher level (more professional) personnel. This said, I have to say, still some older people call all medical heads or practitioners Tabíb.

We might have a bit of divergence when it comes to surgeon, which translates as جَرّاح (jarráH); Ironically this is also a common male's name (specially in the gulf region).


Yeah tabib طَبیب


Why rosa is written as roza in Arabic

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Rosa or Rose, is pronounced as "róza" or "róz" respectively. Thus, such names are written according to their sounding, not to their spelling in English.


,s Ok hacken systeem


Is it possible to have the spelling tests for Arabic? As people learning from english, it's our spelling in arabic we need to practise.


Le sens en anglais mots syrian amazing important. ?


'Syrian' est une personne qui est de Syrie ou 'syrien' en français. 'Amazing' est 'magnifique,' 'incroyable' ou 'formidable.' Et 'important' est le même en français et en anglais. Mais ce cours et entre arabe et anglais, alors vous devez peut-être enregistrer pour le cours entre anglais et français avant ceci. Vous voulez pas devenir perdu quand les mots anglais deveniront plus difficiles, c'est sûr.


TRANSLATION: 'Syrian' is a person who is from Syria, or 'syrien' in French. 'Amazing' is 'magnificent,' 'incredible,' or 'awesome.' And 'important' is the same in French and English. But this course is between English and Arabic, so you might want to sign up for the course between English and French before this one. After all, you don't want to get lost when the English words become more difficult.

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Can you post your question in English?


Their question translates to 'The meaning in English words syrian amazing important. ?' I answered below in French with an appropriate English translation underneath it. :)

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excellent! Hope that answers his question perfectly :)

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