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  5. "We didn't read the book"

"We didn't read the book"

Translation:Hatukusoma kitabu

July 19, 2019



What signifies the past tense in the answer?


That would be the infix -ku-. This affix has multiple meanings depending on the context, and here it is a tense affix.

Tense infixes are different in the affirmative and negative, (for affirmative tense infixes refer to the Tense post in the Masterpost)

In the negative:

  • Past: -ku- e.g. 'Sikulala (I did not sleep)
  • Present: -i e.g. Silali (I am not sleeping)
  • Future: -ta- e.g. Sitalala (I will not sleep)

Note that the present tense affix is actually a suffix, and the future tense infix is the same in the affirmative and the negative


What would "hatujasoma kitabu" mean?


'We have not read the book'

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