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"أَنْتَ مُعَلِّم مُمْتاز يا سام."

Translation:You are an amazing teacher, Sam.

July 19, 2019



Why is there a Fathah in مُعَلِّم and pronounced as i (muʻallim) ?

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In Arabic orthography, the Kasrah or FatHah (as well as Dhammah of course) can be written with the shaddah accordingly ... either below Shadda if it Kasrah, or above Shaddah if it is FatHah or Dhammah. This said, however, some writers (calligraphers) might prefer to write Kasrah separately below the letter and keeping Shaddah on the top as it is. Just art.


I was confused because of this as well. It's actually not a fathah, it's a kasrah. If you look closely you can see that the line is bellow the shaddah. A fathah would be above the shaddah like this: اَّ

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The audio for this one (as of August 2019) has no nunation. Is there a reason it would not be appropriate in this sentence? Or is Duo just being a bit random?

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Yes, Duolingo is random. The correct and proper pronunciation should be: anta mu3allimun mumtázun yá Sám

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