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"She is a French doctor from Paris."

Translation:هِيَّ دُكْتورة فَرَنْسِيّة مِن باريس.

July 19, 2019



What is the difference between دکتورہ and طبیبہ

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If you want an original Arabic word, then it would be طبيب (derived from the word for Medicine طِب - Tib).
However, in modern times, the word طبيب has been used for general physicians. Doctor دكتور somehow points to a more professional in some specific field, beside using it a general use (in Egypt I think). Also, PhD people (those with PhD degrees in academia) are commonly called Doctor as well, for respect.


Would it be incorrect to say 'Heeya fransiya dooktoora min Baris'?

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Yep. The adjective (fransiya) must follow the noun (dooktoora), not before it.


Why is it? Whats the rule?

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This is how it goes in Arabic. Adjectives come after the noun they describe (like in Spanish, French, and many other languages). The adjectives would follow all the traits of the noun (number, gender, definition) if they are attributive adjective (like saying Tall Man for example, the adjective "tall" here is attributive). If the adjective is predicative then it follows the noun in number and gender only but almost always come indefinite in Arabic (example: The man is tall, the adjective "tall" here is predicative, not attributive).

The tall man: الرجل الطويل (al-rajulu al-Taweel), or more phonetically (ar-rajulu-l-Taweel).

The man is tall: الرجل طويل (ar-rajulu Taweel).

Notice how the definite article (AL) is present in the first in the adjective (Taweel) but absent in the second.


How do I go back and delete a comment? I gave a tip but I've just learnt that it does not apply to all short sentences

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I am on PC, and usually there is a "delete" button under the post (beside Reply and Edit)


Hi TJ, I think shen.az asked about how to delete our comments in our previous lessons. Some other members have similar difficulties how to track their previous comments.

I also have the same problem. For now, my solution is to wait someone giving a new comment in the lesson that I have posted a comment as I will get a notification.

Hope there's another way.

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Yeah, as far as I know you wouldn't know until you get a notification in email to get to that question, or if you do the exercise again and encounter the same question you might click the "discuss" button to jump into the thread for that question.
Other than that, I believe you have to "dig it" from the forum and scroll through the sentences. I didn't post in the forum/questions thread for a long time so maybe the design has changed a bit right now, I'm not sure. Anyway, in the main Duolingo page, on the right, there are links to forums of the languages you are learning and (I guess you know the story by now), from there you click the tab that says "sentences" or something (forgot the exact name) to see all the set of questions people are asking about.
All the email notifications I'm receiving from these threads of questions in the Arabic course are because I was active 10 months (or more) ago before I stop checking and updating myself for the lack of time, unfortunately.

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